• 08/31/13 – 09/06/13

    by Laura Emerson

    They tried to warn you

    Vehicle abandoned on Pacific Ave. and cited for removal on Aug. 23 was (finally) towed on Sept. 3.

    Did you learn that trick from the DMV Handbook?

    Driver attempting to make a U-turn on Sunset Dr. first pulled off onto the side of the road then turned into oncoming traffic, striking another car.

    Lost and found

    Found cell phone turned in, owner contacted.

    Party residing on Ocean View Blvd. reported leaving his cell phone in a taxi but could not recall what company or provide any further information.

    Bicycle found in street on Sloat Ave.; stored for safe-keeping.

    Subject on Pine Ave. reported losing his wallet somewhere between his residence and the market.

    Subject reported losing her cell phone somewhere in the vicinity of the 300 block of Grand Ave. According to her “find my phone” app, it’s still in the area.

    Jewelry found on Forest Ave. was brought into the station.

    Wallet turned in that was found in a Laundromat.

    Victim, who had previously called police to report that an unknown subject had entered his unlocked vehicle parked along Oceanview Blvd. and stolen his wallet, called back later to say he’d found the wallet inside his jacket.

    Did they forget to set the alarm?

    An Asilomar Ave. resident returned home to find their front door open and property rummaged.


    A bank card was stolen from a residence on Fountain Avenue and used several times by suspect.

    Dishonest car seller

    Reporting party was interested in purchasing a vehicle from a private party. After giving them a deposit (but not receiving the title), then paying for minor repairs and a mechanic’s inspection (where it was found that there were a number of other mechanical deficiencies) the vehicle was returned to the original owner with a request for the deposit to be returned. The owner would not refund the deposit and was advised to pursue to matter in small claims court.

    Business serves only driving customers

    A local business owner reported that the adjacent business had placed several special event/no parking signs in front of her business that she states resulted in confusion among her customers, thereby causing her to lose sales.

    Maybe the dog was having a bad dream

    Reporting party complained that their backyard neighbor’s dog frequently barks at night. No dog barking was heard during multiple checks over two nights.

    Why wasn’t this adoption monitored?

    A loose dog was found on Buena Vista Ave. that showed serious signs of neglect. Thanks to the dog being “chipped,” a local vet hospital was able to contact the owner who advised that the animal had been adopted out to another family. The original owner said she would take the dog back into her care if possible.

    Suspicious activity

    A dispatched report of two subjects sleeping in a parked vehicle on Benito Ave. revealed two marijuana pipes, marijuana and a switchblade on one subject; booked and released on a citation.

    Party residing on Syida Dr. reported – for the umpteenth time over the past few years – seeing an alarm company work van parked outside her residence and believed the occupant had tampered with the control panel outside her home. All claims have been unsubstantiated.


    Resident of Dewey Ave. witnessed a male on a skateboard strike her vehicle with a baseball bat.

    Minor traffic violation leads to arrest

    Russell William Martin was stopped for a minor traffic violation and found to be driving on a suspended license for DUI. He was arrested and transported to the station for booking, then released on a citation to appear.

    Was it cricket or baseball or softball?

    Reporting party complained about adults playing cricket on an elementary school’s baseball field, except that the ball which flew over his back fence and grazed his arm was identified as a softball.  [“The cricket ball is a hard leather-seamed spheroid, with a circumference of 9 inches. The hardness of the ball, which can be delivered at speeds of more than 90 miles per hour, is a matter for concern and batsmen wear protective clothing.”] Subjects were told to change the direction of their play.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 12, 2013

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