• 09/07/13 – 09/13/13

    by Laura Emerson


    Subject parked his vehicle on Arkwright Ct. and discovered it missing the following day.

    Drivers under the influence arrested

    Following a vehicular accident, Clarice Masini was found to be driving under the influence and booked for DUI.

    A car ran a stop sign and collided with a large bush and small brick wall, causing moderate damage. Witnesses detained the driver pending the arrival of officers. Upon investigation it was determined that Victoria Pemberton was driving while under the influence of alcohol. She was booked, cited and released.

    Lost and found

    Found in a gutter near the golf course: a pouch containing a Sanyo cell phone, charger and other personal property, all items soaking wet.

     Driver license found on Pine Ave. and successfully returned to owner.

    Cell phone found in the grass near the Gazebo in Jewell Park and successfully returned to owner.

    Cell phone found at SaveMart; unable to power up so owner can’t be located.

    Party reported losing an iPod on Pine Ave. – six days ago.

    Party reported losing their credit card wallet which also contains their driver license.

    Party reported losing her cell phone, possibly in front of her business on Lighthouse.

    Did you hear the one about the business owner, a customer and their son-in-law?

    The customer’s car did not pass its smog inspection. The business owner/mechanic charged the customer for the failed diagnostic and advised the customer on what parts should be purchased so the car would pass inspection. A short time later, the customer’s son-in-law came to the business, complaining that the business “took money from an old lady” and he was reporting him to the business bureau. The business owner/mechanic wanted the incident documented. The son-in-law was contacted and apologized for the situation.

    Stolen property

    The front license plate was stolen from a vehicle parked on Moreland Ave.


    Reporting party received a phone call from a collection agency stating she owed $1,400 on a credit card, except she never opened a credit card account.

    Party reported that fraudulent money orders were sent to her in response to an Internet advertisement for mystery shoppers.

    Party reported their online account had been hacked and credit card information was used fraudulently.


    Investigation of a suspicious vehicle parked in the lot of a business on Country Club Gate revealed a juvenile male in possession of marijuana and marijuana smoking devices. Juvenile cited and released; marijuana confiscated and taken for destruction.

    Bark ………

    Barking dog complaint on 19th St.; owner advised of several ways to keep the dog from barking.

    Distressed deer

    It was reported that a deer had been sighted with an 8’ long pole stuck in its antlers. The deer was successful in evading police officers and the SPCA as they attempted to assist the animal. Dispatch and the State Fish & Game were advised.

    Just when is it a good time to be a blacksmith?

    Reporting party on Locust St. stated that his neighbor starts yelling at him when he’s doing his blacksmith work in the backyard. He is only able to work between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. and believes this is a reasonable time frame. Police agreed and advised him to contact them if the problem persists.

    The locks worked

    Report of an attempted burglary at a commercial building on Forest Ave. Someone had pried the front doors but wasn’t successful in opening them.

    Why is this still happening?

    Another report of another fraudulent credit card charge. On the same day he used his credit card to purchase gas at a station on Forest Ave., the card number was used to purchase $750 worth of gas in the Los Angeles area.

    Hopefully the parked car owner understands

    Subject tried to avoid hitting the deer than ran across 17 Mile Dr. and instead hit a parked car.

    Open mail boxes are no longer secure

    Victim placed three checks in her mailbox on Stuart Ave., ready for pick-up the next day and later discovered the checks had been taken from her mailbox.

    Reporting party on 18th St. had opened a checking account and was waiting for her printed checks to arrive in the mail, except that it was later learned that someone stole the checks from her mailbox and cashed two of them.

    Dangerous dogs on the loose?

    Dispatch was advised that two dogs were at large on 10th St. and had attacked another dog. The two dogs and their owner were located on Junipero Ave. where the owner stated the dogs had slipped out through a garage door that did not shut properly. The victim dog’s owner stated that the dogs stalked them for a few blocks before attacking her dog, that she had to yell and distract the dog to keep it from biting her dog more than it did.

    Reporting party stated he saw his neighbor’s dog out front in the street and wanted to alert them about the dog being out. As he was trying to get the neighbor’s attention, the dog bit him.

    Mountain lion possibly joins the raccoon predator food chain

    Reporting party has seen and heard a mountain lion on Austin Ave. for the past three nights. She states there’s blood in her backyard which she believes is from the mountain lion attacking and possibly eating raccoons.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 20, 2013

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