• 09/14/13 – 09/20/13

    by Laura Emerson

    Cop Log 09/14/13 – 09/20/13


    [TOO MANY] Incidents involving vehicles, vandals, thieves and bad drivers

    The driver pulled out of their driveway on 16th St. and struck a parked vehicle.

    There was another report of a vehicle colliding with a parked car on 16th St.

    Theft reported of unknown items from vehicle on Forest Ave, no suspect information.

    The signs along Ocean View Blvd. said “No Parking / Tow Away Zone” but a vehicle parked there anyway. You’ll never guess what happened.

    The party reported that items had been stolen from his unlocked vehicle on Gibson Ave.

    Another party reported registration and other papers were stolen from their unlocked vehicle on 12th St.

    Subject on Pine Ave. reported a past-tense hit and run to her vehicle, although she isn’t sure where or when the collision occurred.

    Subjects were involved in a fender bender collision on Pine Ave.

    Theft of a vehicle license plate on Central Ave.

    An electrical handicap cart was stolen during the night on Lighthouse Ave. and last seen being used inside a store by an adult female.

    A wallet was stolen from inside an unlocked vehicle on Evans Ave.

    The subject admitted to talking on her cell phone when she turned her car too fast and collided with a boulder.

    The subject passed a vehicle on Forest Ave. to turn into a street; but as the subject was turning, so did the car they’d passed – in the same direction and into the same street.

    The victim reported that a number of items were stolen from her unlocked vehicle which was parked on Willow Ave. in front of her residence.

    A past-tense report was filed of a vehicle collision involving property damage on 18th St.

    A male was reported to be hitting vehicles on 2nd Ave. with a broom handle.

    Later that same day, there was a report of two vehicle windows having been broken out on Carmel Ave. in the area where the suspect was seen hitting vehicles with a stick.

    Deer hitchhiker changes its mind

    Reporting party stated she was driving northbound in her convertible on Grove Acre Ave. when her vehicle collided with a deer, shattering the passenger side headlight. The impact flipped the deer into the back seat where the driver could hear it still breathing. Unsure of the deer’s next move, the driver slammed on the brakes and exited her vehicle, only to discover that the deer had fled the scene.

    Graffiti not welcome here

    Graffiti was discovered on the rear of an apartment building on Moreland Ave.

    Doing the right thing

    The attorney for the estate of a deceased person turned in the decedent’s revolver which was clear in the NCIC firearms system, then cleared of ammunition and secured in a gun evidence box pending destruction.

    Not the best sales pitch

    So the reporting party gets a phone call from someone representing a business offering lower rates on credit card debts. When the representative did not answer questions about the business’s legitimacy, he was told the call was probably a scam, whereupon the representative became upset and said he did not make enough money to be called a scammer, then hung up. A couple minutes later the representative called again, this time threatening murder. The phone number was traced to Florida.

    Lost and found

    A wallet was found on Pine Ave.

    Party reports losing a wallet on Pine Ave. [same day as a wallet was found on Pine Ave. Do you think?]

    A camera was found near Crespi Pond.

    A wallet reported lost on August 7, 2012 was found in the bushes at Lighthouse Ave. & 13th; the money was missing.

    The subject reported losing a thick gold ring set with a white opal. She paints along the Peninsula and thinks she lost the ring between August and mid-September.

    After removing and folding his SUV car cover, the (obviously distracted) reporting party placed it on top of his vehicle, then drove away. He backtracked, but was unable to locate the cover that is stenciled with his vehicle’s license plate number.

    Okay, let me see if I got this straight

    The subject came to the police station to report that his wallet had been stolen and while he was waiting for an officer, he also reported the loss of his cell phone. It was while he was looking for his cell phone that suspects took his wallet. He believes his cell phone was lost on the rock outcropping area of Lovers Point. (The next day) the subject reported dropping his cell phone into the water and went to look for it, and when he returned to where he was hanging out, his wallet was gone. He does not know if he lost the wallet or if it was stolen as there were young people in the area. There was nothing of value in the wallet.

    No physical contact please

    The victim was walking home from school on Arkwright Ct. when he was confronted by an older student who pushed and threatened him.

    Three students were walking home from school when they were approached by the suspect who confronted one of the students and knocked him off his skateboard.

    Attempted fraud

    The party reported that after inquiring about an online job, she received a check that her bank said was fraudulent.

    After reading about a check fraud case involving a Pacific Grove resident, another resident on Pine Ave. reported that she had also been a victim of the same company.

    Incidents involving substance abuse

    An intoxicated male, passed out on a park bench on Central Ave. with an empty vodka bottle nearby, was transported to CHOMP after being unable to answer questions or provide his own name.

    Marc Jones of Shafter Ave. was booked for driving under the influence.

    How did they get in?

    The reporting party was asleep when he heard someone inside his residence on Asilomar Ave. The suspect fled with stolen items and was not located.

    Just one complaint of a barking dog?

    Dog owner on Sinex Ave. was advised of ways to keep their dog quiet while unattended.

    Do siblings ever stop fighting?

    Reporting party said her siblings are in dispute with her regarding the division of their deceased father’s property and that a mediator is assisting. She was advised to lock up the residence and notify PGPD of any further problems.

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