• 09/21/13 – 09/27/13

    by Laura Emerson


    Officers were flagged down on Ocean View Blvd. by a male subject who reported that his car had been broken into and his cell phone stolen while he was surfing.

    Subject reported a past tense non-injury collision on Forest Ave. at Beaumont Ave.

    The driver of vehicle #1 had stopped at the intersection of David Ave. and Ransford Ave. to let a child cross at the crosswalk. The driver of the car behind them, vehicle #2 did not stop soon enough and collided with vehicle #1, causing major damage. [Kudos to the driver of vehicle #1 for apparently keeping their foot so firmly on the brake.]

    Report of unspecified vandalism to a vehicle on David Ave.

    An SUV parked on Lobos Ave. was reported as stolen, along with the spare keys, and there are no known suspects.

    A vehicle was struck while making a left turn onto Hwy. 68 because the driver did not see the oncoming traffic.

    21st century car in an 18th century driveway

    Following up on an email complaint, an SUV parked in a driveway on 19th St. was noted to be parked as close as possible to the garage door but still extended into the street, endangering pedestrians who must enter traffic to get around the vehicle.

    Brandish and run

    The subject contacted police to say he was brandishing a knife and was threatened. When police arrived, subject fled the scene.

    Pole accosts vehicle

    A vehicle was making a right turn onto Pine Ave. when it scraped against a pole.

    Was anybody paying attention?

    The driver of vehicle #2 turned onto Forest Ave. from the Grove Market parking lot at the precise moment that the driver of vehicle #1, parked on Forest Ave., opened their door. There was damage to both vehicles.

    Blinded by the light

    The driver of a vehicle traveling west on Lighthouse Ave. was blinded by the sun and collided with a parked vehicle.

    Lost and found

    Reporting party was walking with his family along Sinex Ave. and later realized he’d lost his wallet.

    A driver license was found in the street on Lighthouse Ave.

    A credit card was found in the street on Pine Ave.

    A paper bag containing knitted hats was found in the interview room at the police department.

    A suitcase was found on the off-ramp of Highways 1 & 68 and eventually returned to its owner.

    A purse was found on a bench near Esplanade St. and Ocean View Blvd. that contained a visa, passport and Chinese driver license. The owner was contacted.

    PG&E does not make personal calls

    Party reported receiving a phone call from a utility company stating he needed to pay his bill. The utility company confirmed the phone call was a fraud.


    During the night, reporting party on Grove Acre Ave. heard suspicious noises outside his apartment and the next day he observed unusual marks along the wooded corridor where his bike is chained. He suspects someone tried to steal his bike.

    Party reported that their wallet, keys and radio were taken from their work place on Lighthouse Ave. and there is no suspect information.

    A bike was left unsecured in a parking area on Central Ave. and not there when the owner later returned.

    After leaving her vehicle parked and locked for one hour while she shopped at a business on Forest Ave., the victim discovered the passenger side window smashed and her purse missing.

    Not sure this is in a policeman’s job description

    Reporting party stated his neighbor’s dog barked nonstop from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The reporting party then asked the police to contact the dog’s owner about the complaint.

    What about caller ID?

    Party reported receiving harassing phone calls and text messages, although there is no suspect information.


    Reporting party stated that someone is vandalizing the aloe bush in front of his residence on 19th St. [or possibly taking advantage of the free access for its beneficial healing  properties].

    A resident on Hillcrest Ave. reported several acts of minor vandalism had occurred over the past three weeks.

    Party residing on 19th St. reported a broken mirror and suspected his brother – who lives on the same property – of the damage.

    A vehicle parked on 17 Mile Drive was vandalized; no other information.

    Must be love

    Party reported that a female driver had been tailgating his car and honking.  At first he claimed not to know her well, but a records check revealed that he was listed as the suspect in her complaint for harassing phone calls.

    Reality show, PG-style

    The reporting party (neighbor #1) was certain his residential neighbor (#2) was in code violation by working on cars since the fumes were so intolerable while the backyard auto mechanic was equally incensed over neighbor #1’s doing construction at all hours and is a nuisance as well.

    So much for undercover work

    Officers were dispatched to a location on Syida Dr. to check on a suspicious subject who had been sitting in her car for several hours. The subject explained that she is employed by a local private investigator to watch and document activity at a nearby residence.

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