• 100 years ago – 4/24/1909

    Presidio teamster felled by stay bullet
    Wallace Dodge, a teamster in the employ of the government, was accidentally shot and killed yesterday afternoon about 3:30 while engaged in hauling wood between Pacific Grove and the Presidio.
    At the time that Dodge was working, Troop D, Fourteenth Cavalry, were target practicing near the stables where the troop’s horses are housed.  The men were mounted and practicing shooting from their saddles with revolvers.
    Just over the brow of the hill, a hundred yards distance, Dodge was hauling a load of wood.  His wagon was pulled by a four-horse team.
    The troopers fired, as was expected of them, and a moment later the four-horse team came at full gallop over the crest.  Several troopers were ordered to pursue and stop the driverless, break-away wagon.
    A later search revealed Dodge lying by the roadway.  He had been struck by a bullet in the upper portion of his head.  His breathing was shallow and, before emergency help could arrive, the poor man had passed on.  The body is now at the Presidio morgue where an inquest will be held.
    Dodge is 39 years of age and a native of Missouri.  He had been employed at the Presidio as a teamster for two years.  He is survived by Lea Dodge of Pacific Grove.

    Sunset advertising promotion.  It’s a scam!
    Four young gentlemen who represented themselves as employees of Sunset magazine have been calling on Pacific Grove business people with a promotional offer.  The magazine, allegedly, would publish an ad the size of a business card at a greatly reduced price.  These gentlemen stated that the price reduction meant that payment could be received only in cash paid in advance.
    One of the business people who had been approached brought the offer to this editor’s attention, asking for an opinion on the proposal.  The editor contacted Sunset magazine and asked if any such promotion were underway.  The magazine definitely and explicitly denied authorizing such an offer.  The only representatives the magazine had sent to the Pacific Grove area were promoting the purchase of subscriptions.  This sales crew were also authorized to promote the purchase of encyclopedias (manufactured by a firm with which Sunset is associated).
    The sheriff has agreed to take over the investigation.  The first matter at hand is determining whether any legitimate Sunset employee is involved in the swindle.

    Wood is now available
    The steamer National City tied up in Monterey to deliver an important cargo.  The cargo consisted of 200,000 feet of lumber cut in various sizes.  The shipment is for the T. A. Work Company.  Those in need are asked to inquire about same at the Work store.

    Former Pacific Grove editor asks for parole
    Mssr. George W. Gallanar is the former proprietor / editor / writer for the Pacific Grove Review.  Six years ago, Gallanar was taken to court in Redding and convicted of manslaughter.  Having served time with dignity, Gallanar is now asking that he be paroled.  The court has not yet replied.

    Automobile owner meet coming up
    About a score of automobile owners plan to rally in Pacific Grove on Saturday.  After putting their vehicles up for display, the men will take a run to Moss Landing, enjoy a late lunch, and return.  The club’s president, Mssr M. H. de Young, said that an important meeting will be held during the event.  The topic of discussion will be the problem of area roads.  Many of our roads, de Young stated, are impassable much of the year.

    Resident released from hospital
    After a rather lengthy stay in the hospital, Mssr. Martin Birks’ condition has improved to such a extent that he was able to leave the hospital.  However, Birks will remain in Salinas, residing in a hotel, where he can be conveniently treated by a medical specialist

    Tickets offered at special price
    Summer-excursion, round-trip tickets are being offered by rail.  Samples of prices include PG to Kansas City and back, $61; St. Paul, $71,50, Houston, $61; Washington DC, $107.  Tickets go on sale May 1.  Contact your PG – Monterey agent, Mssr. J. R. Montague.

    Rugs on the bargain rack
    Rugs from Axminster, Brussels, Kurdistan, and Saxony are now available at reduced rates.  We’re located at the corner of Franklin and Pacific Streets, near Pacific Grove in Monterey.  Stop by and confer with the folks at The Climax about all your house furnishing needs.

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