• 100 Years Ago in Pacific Grove, 10/24/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line
    Photo finishing
    The Kodak Company has come up with a unique marketing idea. Snap all the photos you care to. Send the film to the Kodak Company for processing or deliver them to your local drug store for handling and Kodak will finish each picture beautifully, then return them by mail along with replacement film…which is free. Theoretically, you should never again need to purchase film. You might also like to submit your best work to the California Photographers contest for consideration. Prizes of $15, $10, and $5 are to be awarded.

    Work buys property
    Mr. W. M. Furlong, city, has received payment for, and transferred deed to, property located on Forest avenue near Lighthouse to the T. A. Work company. Thereupon the T. A. Work Company transfered the same deed to the person of Thomas Work. The purpose of the transfer is not yet known. Mr. Work refused an interview. Something seems afoot!

     Mathematics or mysticism?
    Mrs. W. B. Maelson, whose birthday occurs in a few days, admitted with great relief, that her husband had agreed that his wife’s age is simply a matter of numbers and not mysticism. Mrs. Maelson admitted that these birthday numbers added up to quite a few, but refused to say exactly how many. Friends and relatives are invited to the Maelson home Saturday, next, to enjoy ice cream and cake. Each party-goer will be asked to guess Mrs. Maelson’s age. Those coming closest will receive gift certificates good at Culp Brothers on Lighthouse. If you plan to attend, get out your crystal ball and see if you cannot conjure up a winning number. In the meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Maelson are conjuring up fun games to be played. The party starts at 2. Happy birthday, Mrs. Maelson!

     SPCA renews warning
    The Pacific Grove division of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals would like to once again warn all owners of horses, dog, mules, cats, and other domestic animals to treat their stock with kindness and respect. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Respect includes adequate food. This notice posted by Charles Cushing, secretary.[1]

    Fall school camp
    Miss Caroline Harlow is conducting weekend “camps” this fall to prepare students for making better grades in school. Miss Harlow explained that this is only a “day” camp but does include visits to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, the beach, and the 17 Mile Drive. Mathematics, history, and grammar studies will take place in Civic Hall. A dozen students are already signed in, most at the behest of parents. All reported that their grades were improving. Miss Harlow attended school at the San Jose College for teachers.

    Did Washington really chop down cherry tree?
    One of the prettiest stories ever told about our fifth president (but first constitutional president), pertains to the young Washington having chopped down a cherry tree. When asked about whether he had done such a thing, Washington is said to have responded: “Yes. I cannot tell a lie.” This fable has been used by parents ever since to teach the importance of always telling the truth, but did it really happen?
    The story was first told in Joseph Weem’s writing: “The Life of George Washington (With Curious Anecdotes)”, published in 1808. With the exception of the Bible, this book has probably been more widely read than any other book in American history. Here is a reprint of that story exactly as it first appeared: “when George Washington was about six years of age, he was gifted with a hatchet. Since then, he constantly chopped at things. One day, in the family garden, where he often amused himself, he unluckily tried his hatchet on the body of a beautiful, young English Cherry tree, which he barked so badly the tree never got better. When his father discovered the tree, he began asking who the culprit was, who did such a thing?” When his turn to be asked came, the boy said: ‘I cannot tell a lie, Pa, I cut it with my hatchet.’ ”
    To this his father said: Come into my arms, lad, so that I may give you a hug. Such an act of truthfulness on the part of my boy is worth more than a thousand cherry trees.”
    The first edition of Weem’s book appeared promptly after Washington’s death … without that story. In fact, the story did not appear until the fifth edition, published years later. In that edition of Weem’s book appeared many, previously-unpublished tales. A friend later said that Weem admitted adding these stories not to tell the truth, but to increase marketability.
    Perhaps the author should have paid more attention to his own book.

     Side track (tidbits from here and there)

    • Strong & Camp offer the most complete insurance coverage. The firm also sells real estate and makes real estate loans. Cottages for rent. 50 Lighthouse.
    • Ladies, the beauty of your figure can be maintained by wearing a Barclay Custom Corset. Made from the finest bone staves and fabric. Order from the Barclay Corset Company located in Newark, N. J. Available locally from the Lace House.
    • Telephone your laundry needs to the Del Monte laundry and our wagon will pick up and deliver. Ask for Main 45.
    • Dr. H. J. Douglass, surgeon and physician, has established an office in the T. A. Work building. New patients are welcome. Ask for Main 732.

     And the cost is…

    • Curnow & Curnow, grocers, are offering pumpkins ready to be carved. These Halloween specials are available at 35¢each or two for 6¢.
    • Yes, the Pacific Grove Hotel will remain open year round for the convenience of you and your visitors. Deluxe rooms are $2.50 per day. Delicious meals begin at 85₵, beverage included.
    • Clover Leaf Toilet Cream is guaranteed to make your skin soft and beautiful. Order from the Clover Leaf Company, Cloverdale, California.
    • The Hotel Manx is ready to serve as your headquarters in San Francisco. Room with community bath, $1.50 per day.
    • The Pacific Southern has announced new, low-cot fares for autumn travels. Pacific Grove to Chicago and return, $60.

    [1] The SPCA remains active today and is located on the Salinas-Monterey Highway across from the Laguna Seca park.

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