• 10/05/13 – 10/11/13

    by Laura Emerson

    Pay attention!

    Driver attempting a U-turn broadsided another vehicle that had the right of way.

    Subject was driving and waved to a friend, then collided with a parked car.

    Lost and found

    Driver license and health card were found on the recreation trail.

    Wallet found on Asilomar Beach.

    Subject telephoned to report the loss of his wallet the day before, either in Pebble Beach or the PGHS parking lot.

    Opened and unopened mail belonging to three addresses were found under a bush on the recreation trail.

    Tourists reported losing a camera bag that contained two passports from China, two state ID’s from China, U.S. currency, a wallet with Chinese currency and glasses on Sunset Dr.

    One way to stop receiving junk mail

    Business owner reported that someone entered their place of business, yelling that he wanted to be removed from their mailing list because he was tired of junk mail. Business owner said she thought it was crazy for someone to react in that manner over junk mail. (Seriously?)


    According to a study by Travelers Insurance, of all the cases of identity theft with a known cause, nearly half result from a missing wallet or purse – three times more than from data breaches or online scams.

    A City of Pacific Grove credit card was fraudulently used online; card was canceled.

    Subject discovered that their credit card had been used to purchase Microsoft items, then received a letter from the Social Security Admin. confirming their online service had been activated. Reporting party did not contact SSA.


    Casey Davidson, found to be in possession of meth and a meth pipe, was arrested for probation violation, booked and housed at County jail.

    Tyler French was involved in a car accident that resulted in her being arrested and booked on DUI charges and her vehicle being towed.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 17, 2013

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