• 10/12/13 – 10/18/13

    by Laura Emerson


    Suspect residing on David Ave. created a fake profile using the victim’s name and photo, then posted names and threats to the victim.

    Lost and found

    Subject residing on Pine Ave. called to report that they lost their wallet a week ago but there had not been any activity with the credit cards.

    A bicycle reportedly left on a street corner for a couple days was seized and stored by police. A few days later a bicycle-owner reported his bike stolen. He accurately described the recently impounded bicycle.

    A bicycle was found in the 300 block of Grand Ave.

    A credit card was found at a bank on Central Ave. A search revealed the owner does not reside on the Peninsula.

    A credit card pouch was found that contained a debit card and ID; the owner was located.

    Subject residing on Pine Ave. reported losing her wallet four days earlier in the vicinity of the 100block of 16th and Central.

    Auto burglaries

    The back window of a vehicle parked on Eardley Ave. was smashed and several items were stolen.

    Party residing on Lighthouse Ave.had items stolen overnight from her unlocked vehicle.

    Do-it-yourself auto registration renewal

    Officers contacted a vehicle with expired registration that was displaying a current registration sticker. Driver would not admit to swapping sticker, but was still arrested, booked and cited.

    Landlords and tenants

    Tenant residing on Grand Ave. reported receiving phone calls from their landlord at 11:00 p.m. and a text message at 3:00 a.m. Tenants have requested that all communication be in writing.

    After disputing with their landlord over a mold problem in their residence on 17-Mile Dr., renters left the residence for awhile only to return and discover that the locks had been changed. Tenants would contact the landlord and try to resolve the situation.

    Drunk driver arrested

    During a non-injury collision, it was determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. Richard Schmidt was arrested, booked, cited and released.

    Suspicious circumstances

    (The following is a verbatim accounting of the incident as it was reported.) Reporting party wanted to report someone was possibly in her backyard two nights earlier at approximately 1900 hours. She stated her three dogs began to turn around in the house and began to jump on the dog beds that do not belong to them. The three dogs did not want to cuddle one another, so the reporting party had to sleep with one of them on her bed. She believes the suspect was in her backyard for about an hour because that’s when her dogs stopped running around. She believes the suspect is the ex-gardener she fired for urinating on her fence.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 24, 2013

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