• 10/19/2013 – 10/25/2013

    by Laura Emerson

    Code violations lead to DUI arrest

    After an officer observed numerous vehicle code violations, the driver was stopped and determined to be under the influence of alcohol. Peter Culberson of David Ave. was arrested, booked, cited and released.

    Scam alert

    Party on Lincoln Ave. stated she’d received a phone call from someone claiming to be with the Tax Board.  She became suspicious because the caller did not have a good command of the English language, claimed they just wanted to give her another phone number to call, and could not identify what type of agency they represented.

    Painful way to learn a lesson

    Suspect used the Eardley Ave. victim’s Social Security number to open four credit cards and was able to make online purchases on two of the cards.

    Nothing bad has happened – yet

    Officers responding to a dog at large complaint on Lincoln Ave., met with the owner and discussed several ways to keep the dog confined. Due to the dog’s breed and apparent growling, being at large again could put the animal in grave danger.

    Lost and found

    Man’s ring, with no engraving or other markings, found on the sidewalk near a restaurant on Lighthouse Ave. and placed into evidence for safekeeping.

    Resident on Pine Ave. reported that her wallet – containing cash, credit cards and miscellaneous cards – was either lost or stolen. She wasn’t sure if it fell out of her car or was taken. (Wallet was reported found two days later.)

    Pearl earring reported lost during Art Walk in downtown Pacific Grove.

    Donation and then some

    Reporting party on Central Ave. had left a suitcase to be donated, then later remembered she’d forgotten to retrieve the money and jewelry she’d stored inside. The honest establishment who received her donation willingly gave it to the police for safekeeping.

    Dude, musta been some gnarly waves

    Subject called to report leaving his surfboard behind at Asilomar Beach. It was last seen propped up against a wooden fence.

    Inn fraud

    Innkeeper on Asilomar Blvd. reported that a guest had left without paying for two nights’ stay.

    But did they pay their bill?

    Officers were dispatched to a disturbance among three guests at an inn on Sunset Dr. One guest was arrested for violating a court order, and the other two were also cuffed for having valid warrants.

    Rock rage

    Unknown suspect threw a granite rock at a residence on Park St., breaking the family room window and damaging the custom blind.

    Take the car, please

    Officer was dispatched to a location on Forest Ave. to investigate a report of keys in a parked car. The keys were inserted in the lock on the passenger’s door. Vehicle was secured and both registered owners were contacted via Facebook.

    Suspicious activity?

    Resident on Divisadero St. contacted police when he discovered that the vehicle he had not driven in some time had a flat tire. He said he did not know anybody who would want to harm his property.


    Unknown suspect used two open windows of a residence on 14th St. to water hose the inside. Curtains and several items were soaked wet. [And they did this because…………….?]


    Unlocked/unsecured bicycle left in a driveway on Ocean View Blvd. was stolen.

    Party residing on Spruce Ave. reported that they were moving and while loading a storage container, someone not known to them had taken several items from the container. They know who took the items and do not want to pursue criminal charges, but want their belongings returned.

    Family member is suspected of leaving the Grove Acre victim’s car unlocked overnight. The next morning the victim discovered that several items were missing from the unlocked car.

    Grand Thievery

    Caretake discovered that several stolen items were taken to a local pawn shop in exchange for money. Among the items were silver-plated antiques submitted to be melted by the pawn shop.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 31, 2013

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