• 10/26/2013 – 11/1/2013

    by Laura Emerson

    Vehicles were minding their own business

    A vehicle driving on Lighthouse Ave. struck a parked car.

    An unknown suspect backed their vehicle into one that was parked on Spruce Ave. and fled the scene.

    A vehicle parked on Austin Ave. was taken without the owner’s consent.

    A vehicle parked at the gym was broken into and the owner’s purse stolen.

    IRS Does NOT make collection calls

    The victim was contacted by someone claiming to be with the IRS and told he’d be arrested if he didn’t pay his taxes. The victim put money on two prepaid money cards, then called the suspects back.

    Reflexes too quick

    An injury accident occurred on Junipero Ave. when a vehicle made a right turn and collided head-on with a curb.

    Dangerous driving leads to arrest

    The driver of the vehicle was stopped for erratic driving on Congress Ave. when he turned into oncoming traffic and stopped in the middle of the road. Gerald Loomis was arrested for being under the influence of medication by his own admission, booked, cited and released.

    Don’t try to hail a cab wearing this costume

    A taxi driver reported that an adult male attempting to enter his cab on Pine Ave. was wearing an orange jumpsuit on which was stenciled “state inmate.” The taxi driver was able to remove the passenger who left behind a clown mask. No inmates were reported missing from any nearby correctional facilities.

    Rec. Trail cyclist hit-and-pedal

    The victim was struck by a cyclist’s fist while walking on the Rec. Trail.

    Lost and found

    Wallet reported missing while visiting Lovers Point.

    Found wallet turned in and later claimed by its owner.

    Window-to-window selling

    The reporting party stated that soon after leaving her mother’s residence, a man appeared at the window and tried to talk with the elderly woman about living trusts.

    How did this happen?

    An unknown person or persons have used the victim’s identity to obtain several different credit cards and make large purchases with them.

    Stolen property

    The face plate to a car stereo was stolen from a vehicle on Presidio Blvd.; owner admits he forgot to lock the car.

    It says no U-Turn for a reason

    Justa Perez of Forest Ave. was arrested after making a U-turn in violation of a posted sign, and found to be unlicensed.

    Attempts to contradict physics law fails again

    A patrol car and another vehicle simultaneously backed out of diagonal parking places – and into each other, thus proving once again that two entities cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

    Ya gotta stay inside the lines – or else

    The [male] suspect shouted at the [female] victim and almost hit her with his vehicle for not parking within the white stripes of the parking space on Lighthouse Ave. The suspect exited his vehicle after the victim hit the passenger door side mirror [with what is not mentioned] and shook his fist in front of the victim’s face, also calling her derogatory names.

    Suspicious activity – possibly a deer?

    Party reported that someone had been on her front porch during the day, touching several items and breaking others. Further evidence of trespassing was a small mound of dirt on the walkway leading to the front porch.

    Courier robbed

    Reporting party asked for police assistance in securing the building on Lighthouse Ave. following a robbery the night before when the courier man was robbed and the suspect took the keys to the building.

    Surfboard used as weapon

    The victim stated he was surfing when the suspect, also a surfer, began yelling profanities at him. When the victim got up on his board to catch a wave, the suspect threw his board at the victim’s legs.

    Turn off the engine, lock the door, tuck the mirror

    The driver side mirror of a vehicle parked on Forest Ave. was broken by a passing vehicle.

    Another vehicle mirror incident

    Upon leaving her vehicle parked for a few hours on Short Ave., the owner returned to discover that her left side mirror was missing. There was no conclusive evidence as to how the mirror was removed.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 7, 2013

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