• Reports of gunman shut down MPC campus

    Prepared by Lt. Leslie F. Sonné
    Monterey Police Dept.
    No Evidence of Man with a Gun on Campus

    On March 7, 2014 at 11:01 AM, a 65 year old man from Santa Cruz reported an armed robbery to Monterey Police Officers. The man told officers that he had been robbed while sitting in his car in the area of Fishnet and Iris Canyon by two Hispanic males wearing red shirts. One of the alleged suspects was said to have been armed with a handgun. The alleged suspects left the area either on foot or in a vehicle.

    Due to the close proximity of the Monterey Peninsula College campus, the school was notified of the possible suspect description and the campus administrators placed the campus on lockdown.

    At 1145 hours, as the officers were investigating the alleged robbery, the Monterey County Emergency Communications Center began getting calls from people saying they had received texts from students and/or employees on the campus indicating there was an armed subject on the grounds. There were four separate reporting parties with information ranging from someone being held at gunpoint to shots being fired.

    Monterey Police called for mutual aid and began an immediate search for possible suspects. Multiple public safety agencies responded, with over twenty (20) officers assisting in the search. An Incident Command Post was established on the campus with support from the Monterey Fire Department. The City of Monterey also activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

    While some officers searched the campus, others located and interviewed the four people who had sent the texts to their friends and family members which generated the calls to 911. Ultimately, it was determined that the information relayed to the police dispatchers by the friends and family members was not accurate and none of the four people had seen anyone with a gun or heard any gunshots. No suspect was located on campus, there was no evidence of a shooting and no one was found to be injured.

    Officers investigating the original call oaf the alleged armed robbery found significant inconsistencies in the man’s statement and no physical evidence to support his statement.

    The campus was cleared and re-opened at 1257 hours.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 7, 2014

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