• 11/02/2013 – 11/08/2013

    by Laura Emerson

    Vehicle thefts

    A black Honda motorcycle was stolen from in front of the victim’s residence on Junipero Ave.

    A utility trailer was stolen from the alley behind a residence on Junipero Ave.

    Vehicle damage

    When the shopper returned to her vehicle parked on Forest Ave., she discovered that the left rear light was shattered.

    The person in the first vehicle traveling on Lighthouse Ave., stopped to let the person in the second vehicle back out of their parking spot. After backing out a short distance, the person in the second vehicle attempted to move their foot onto the brake – and missed, colliding with the first vehicle.

    After walking her dogs, the Sunset Dr. resident returned home to discover the rear window of her SUV was broken out.

    DUI injury collision

    Michael Huffman was involved in a DUI injury collision on Ocean View Blvd.; no further information.

    Contributing to the delinquency of minors

    Luis Gaeta and Javier Miranda were arrested for contributing to the delinquency of minors and providing two female juveniles with access to marijuana and alcohol.

    Attempted fraudulent purchase

    The subject listed a vehicle for sale, for which the suspect sent him a check via UPS. The bank teller informed the seller that the check was fraudulent.

    Lost and found

    A credit card was found on Ocean View Blvd.

    A bicycle spray-painted gold was found on Lighthouse Ave. and put into bicycle storage.

    The party called to report losing her purse.

    Something referred to only as “property” was found near Chautaqua Hall and turned in.

    A party residing on Forest Ave. telephoned to say they’d lost their wallet.

    A wallet was found in the parking lot of Country Club Gate and the owner contacted.

    The subject called to report losing her wristlet-type wallet two days earlier in Seaside and was hoping it had been turned in to the PG Police as she is a PG resident. That afternoon………..the finder did indeed bring in the wallet.

    Is it patience or procrastination?

    The subject reported losing his cell phone about four weeks ago, and recalled last seeing it while near the rocks at Asilomar Beach.

    For destruction

    Shotgun shells were turned over for destruction.


    During the night, two newspaper racks on Lighthouse Ave. were pried open and coins were stolen.

    Parts were stolen off a bicycle secured inside the victim’s carport on 1st St.

    A sign was stolen from a business on Forest Ave.

    Property damage

    A rig backed into a light pole on Lighthouse Ave., snapping the pole in half.

    Residential burglary

    An investigation into a burglary on Central Ave. is ongoing, with possible leads.

    At least they don’t bark

    The party reported that his neighbor’s chickens had wandered into his front and back yards. The poultry possessor professed to police that he does let his birds run free on occasion but never intentionally “afowl” of the law.


    Suspects shattered a glass door left outside a business.

    The victim, residing on Beaumont Ave. reported that her residence was vandalized by water. [What the report does not say is whether or not the water planned the destruction on its own or was assisted.]

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 14, 2013

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