• 11/09/2013 – 11/14/2013

    by Laura Emerson

    Auto “lost” and found

    Vehicle stolen from a residence on Park St. recovered in another city and stored for safekeeping.

    Other auto-related matters, such as accidents, thefts, etc.

    None reported, truly.

    Prowler visible only to her

    Officers were dispatched to a residence on Miles Ave. to investigate a report of a neighbor prowling in her backyard, as evidenced by hearing creaking noises around her house. No prowler was located, on this visit or the following three visits that evening.

    Go away means go away

    Customer of business on 16th St. told not to return, but did so anyway, this time threatening business-owner.

    Lost items – 3, found items – 8

    Cell phone found near Asilomar Beach was turned in and later picked up by owner.

    Found backpack contained German passport, airline itinerary and football tickets.

    Property owner on Ocean View Blvd. found a pair of “unknown” pants in his yard, with a gold-colored watch and memory card in the pockets.

    Cell phone found on Central Ave.

    Skateboard turned in that was found on Forest Ave. at David Ave. approximately four weeks ago.

    Smartphone found in the street on Ocean View Blvd.; contact difficult as all entries are in a foreign language.

    Another cell phone was found and owner contacted.

    Multi-strand silver bracelet lost on Lighthouse Ave.

    Cell phone lost on Ocean View Blvd.

    Wallet reported lost the night before.

    Wallet was found near the PGHS football field and the owner was contacted. He said the stuff inside the wallet was his, but the wallet was not.

    Thou shalt not take thy neighbor’s belongings

    Suspect stole two bicycles that were left unsecured in a carport on Lighthouse Ave.

    Victim forgot their golf bag and pulling cart at the golf course; items were nowhere to be found when he returned for them.

    Bicycle secured to a pole in front of an apartment complex overnight was not there in the morning.

    Unknown suspect entered a business on 16th St. and took two necklaces that were out on display.

    Bike rack taken from vehicle.

    Parking problem politely resolved

    Street over-parking on David Ave. successfully mediated; follow-up on overcrowding at the rental home.

    Bark, bark, bark

    What could possibly be causing the dogs in PG to stop barking unnecessarily and the neighbors to stop complaining about them?

    Lost again?

    Reporting party on 17 Mile Dr. stated they’d given a ride to a stranger who claimed to be lost; except that two weeks later the lost person shows up again.

    New kind of tourist

    Following up on a complaint of a transient sleeping in an alcove near her business on 16th St., the identified subject claimed he’d been given permission to stay there, a claim that later proved false. The property owner also indicated she’d recently had problems with transients breaking into her vacant businesses and leaving trash behind.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 21, 2013

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