• 11/16/2013 – 11/22/2013

    by Laura Emerson

    Autos towed because drivers didn’t read the signs

    A total of EIGHT vehicles were towed from Ocean View Blvd. and Lighthouse Avenue on Nov. 16-17 while their drivers were either participating in or observing the Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5K. Warning notices had been posted several days in advance.

    Neighborhood version of Post Office

    When the officer arrived at the scene of the incident on David Ave. – where someone had reported finding a disturbing letter in their mailbox – five other neighbors stated they’d also received letters, believing from the wording and pictures, that a child had created them.

    Removing hazardous tree limbs without a permit

    A police officer was dispatched to a residence on Funston Ave. where it was reported that a person had been witnessed trimming limbs from a tree – and he did not have a permit.

    Drug Arrests

    During a consensual inspection of the vehicle and its four occupants, Lourdes Hernandez was arrested and transported to County jail for possession of cocaine.

    While conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle for violations, a search uncovered a false drug compartment, drug paraphernalia, burglary tools and similar items. Furthermore, the drive was found to be on felony probation and the passenger was a wanted fugitive. Jeff Hamilton and Sarah Youngblood were arrested.

    Burglar planning to return?

    When the reporting party returned 30 minutes later to her unlocked residence on 17 Mile Dr., she discovered that someone had entered and looked through a few drawers (that were left open) but took nothing except two house keys.

    The case of the over-eager vacuum salesperson

    When the resident on Egan Ave. responded to the knock on her door she was met by a solicitor who wanted to sell her a vacuum cleaner; only the salesperson’s aggressive manner and repeatedly looking inside the residence, aroused suspicion. Although the resident felt scared, she did agree to have the salesperson return and clean one room (to demonstrate the product’s effectiveness). Later changing her mind, the resident contacted police about her suspicions. The solicitor verified to the officer that she did indeed have a valid permit and business license with the city and was curious as to why the appointment had been canceled.


    The subject reported a grand theft that had occurred over a year ago in Monterey because his employer wishes to hold him accountable. He wishes to make a report and pursue charges.

    Lost & Found

    Party reported losing a bracelet, possibly somewhere in the downtown area.

    Report of a cell phone lost two days earlier at Robert Down field.

    Credit card found on Fountain Ave. and turned in for safekeeping.

    Tripod found on the side of the road near Asilomar Beach parking area.

    Bicycle found in Arnett Park on Piedmont Ave., just leaning against a tree [minding its own business].

    Citizen turned in a white purse near Ocean View Blvd. and 15th that was placed in safekeeping.

    Military card found; left message for owner.


    At an unknown time, suspects entered several rooms in a motel on Lighthouse Ave., with no forced entry, and took a total of four flat screen televisions and four comforters.

    The victim reported that an unknown person took beaded jewelry from her purse which was inside her bedroom and there was no evidence of forced entry.

    Victim placed her purse on a bench inside a hall [of what building is unknown] and it was not there when she returned approximately one hour later.

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