• 11/23/13 – 11/29/13

    Perilous driving

    A driver struck two parked vehicles on Sinex Ave. No other information provided except towing was involved.

    Police were called to a non-injury collision in the vicinity of David Ave. and Moreland Ave.

    The subject came to the police department to report they’d been involved in a non-injury traffic collision on Congress Ave. at David Ave. and information was exchanged.

    The second vehicle rear-ended the first vehicle on Forest Ave. while its driver was adjusting the radio.

    After making an unsafe lane change, it was noted that the driver had a suspended license, no proof of insurance and no vehicle registration.

    The driver was stopped for speeding and determined to be unlicensed. He was cited in the field and released…to continue his journey on foot as his vehicle was towed.

    The subject lost control of his vehicle, driving into a private driveway, over a retaining wall and colliding with a parked trailer. The subject requested a tow.

    Upon arriving at the scene of an accident, it was noted that one vehicle’s airbags were deployed, both vehicles were damaged to the point of needing to be towed and one passenger required transportation to the hospital.

    A vehicle drove into a crosswalk while there were pedestrians crossing, causing them to dive out of the way. One pedestrian suffered an injured knee.

    DUI arrest

    While “under the influence,” Manuel Ramirez drove a vehicle that was involved in a collision. He was arrested, booked and released on a citation to appear.

    Perilous parking

    A vehicle backed into a parked car while attempting “a parking maneuver.”

    A(nother) vehicle backed into another (other) vehicle while it was passing in a parking lot.

    The reporting party complained that two bicycles – locked to a stop sign on Forest Ave. – were impeding pedestrian access and partially blocking the sidewalk. Further, he stated that if the police department didn’t get rid of them, he would.

    And the car was not locked because…?

    An unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle on Melrose Pl., ransacked the interior and removed several items.

    The reporting party discovered that someone had ransacked the interior of her unlocked vehicle while it was parked in the carport area of her apartment complex on Lighthouse Ave. However, upon closer inspection, nothing was missing.

    The victim was unpacking her vehicle and left all four doors open, later returning to discover someone had taken her laptop.

    If a light pole falls in the street, and no one is around, does it make a sound?

    An officer was dispatched to the location of a fallen light pole; public works was contacted to pick up the fallen light pole.

    Public drunkenness

    Eaen Irwin was detained because he burglarized a grocery store. During the initial investigation, Irwin was found to be intoxicated in public, given a trespassing admonishment, then arrested, booked, cited and released to a sober person.

    Possible ID theft

    Person living on Congress Ave. is the possible victim of ID theft after receiving phone calls from a bank in Michigan regarding a past due bill.

    Good thing he wasn’t carrying scissors

    The reporting party said that his foot caught on the curb, causing him to fall. The left side of his face and eye were bleeding and swollen. Refusing medical assistance, he was cleaned up and given ice for the oncoming bruises.


    Fourteen signed checks belonging to a homeowner’s association were found lying on the ground. The signer was advised to retrieve the checks.

    Lost and found

    A bullet was found in the parking lot at Lovers Point and turned over to police for destruction.

    A subject turned in a credit card that a records check indicated was stolen from Monterey.

    The subject reported losing their iPad, which they’d accidently left on the roof of their vehicle when they drove away.

    Police noticed that someone had left a camera in the lobby. Later that day, another someone came in to say they’d lost a camera and were able to provide an accurate description of the one dropped off by the unknown good Samaritan.

    The reporting party stated they’d lost their wallet which contained ID cards, a store credit card and $400 cash.

    A single round of ammo was found in records (at PGPD) and placed into evidence for destruction. [Hmm, could this be the same bullet that was previously found in the parking lot at Lovers Point?]

    Subject reported losing his wallet while walking on the Rec. Trail.

    Cell phone reported lost at Lovers Point.

    Wallet found near Sinex Ave. and Walnut Ave.; no current contact information.

    Just stop it!

    The reporting party notified the police that the suspect had sent them approximately 100 text messages over the last two days and they wanted it to stop.

    Welcome Wagon returns

    Having moved in the day before, the resident on Ocean View Blvd. was concerned when a person, believed to be male and wearing a red shirt, knocked on the door and jiggled the door knob – but fled when the porch light was turned on. Believing the red-shirted male was casing the residence, the reporting party asked that an area check be conducted.

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