• 12/28/13-01/03/14

    Hope she’s not paying by the character

    Reporting party says he has received hundreds of next messages and phone calls from ex-girlfriend after she was told not to call him.

    Cancel the ad

    A woman put an ad in a newspaper (not this one) looking for a friend. She has told this guy she no longer wants to speak with him but he’s calling her 15 times a day.

    Lost, found, and otherwise misappropriated

    A woman made a report of a stolen purse. She thinks her sister did it but she doesn’t want to press charges.

    A money clip including a California driver’s license was lost near the crosswalk at Asilomar State Beach sometime in the last six days.

    A license plate was missing from a trailer.

    An earring was lost somewhere between Cypress /Laurel and Cypress/Forest to Lighthouse from 15th to 19th. That’s what it said.

    Mystery property was found near Pine Ave, It was booked into property and will be kept at PGPD for safekeeping.

    A purse was found in a cab and turned in to PGPD.

    A cell phone was lost on Sinex.

    A digital camera was reported lost on Sunset.

    A wallet was lost on 16th.

    A school identification card was turned in.

    A Samsung tablet was found which appeared to have been run over.

    Thief hoping for Grandma’s Christmas money?

    A woman noticed a Christmas card and a bill in her mailbox as she was leaving, but when she returned the Christmas card was gone. Too bad they didn’t take the bill, too.

    This sucks

    Someone siphoned about five gallons of gas from a work vehicle.

    Traffic altercations

    V-1 struck parked vehicle and split the scene.

    V-1 ran a stop sign and broadsided V-2. Driver of V-2 was taken to the hospital complaining of pain.

    A woman backed out of a parking stall on Lighthouse and hit a raised planter. As the car spun, someone broadsided her.

    Don’t stiff the cabbie – they know where you live

    A woman didn’t pay the fare after taking a taxi. She was found to be intoxicated and was arrested, booked, and transported to County Jail until sober. No indication as to whether the cabbie was eventually paid or not.

    False/Forged Checks, False/Forged Credit Card

    Seaside issued a report about forged checks. The officer went to the bank to follow up and says it’s related to cases in Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove and Seaside.

    Here’s a turnabout: A woman reported she received a Target credit card she hadn’t ordered. Turns out several credit accounts had been ordered in her name.

    Maybe he just wanted to watch the boats go by

    A dog was observed on the rocks. A citizen retrieved it, and took it to its home. The owner said the children had left the gate open and a second dog was also missing, It was found, but it was neat.

    Wire vs. garbage truck

    A Waste Management truck apparently struck a low-hanging power line on Benito Ave. but it wasn’t their fault: the wire was hanging low because of recent modeling at a residence. PG&E secured the line and no one was shocked.


    The report says “Unknown suspects attempted to pry the door on the victim’s vehicle while in Santa Barbara.” It is unclear if the suspects were in Santa Barbara or the vehicle, or maybe the vehicle and suspects were here and the owner was in Santa Barbara.

    Check the laundromat up the street

    A person filled a cup with soda from the fountain machine and concealed it in his left front pants pocket. He was confronted by the manager and fled the scene without paying for the drink. Um, shouldn’t be hard to find the perp.

    Doggie shooters?

    Three Dixie cups full of a Jell-O-like substance were found in the back yard of a home on Lobos. The reporting party said he had found another one on New Year’s Day and two earlier in the day. The reporting party is concerned that someone is trying to poison his dogs, but the dogs didn’t eat the shooters.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 9, 2014

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