• Coyotes Spotted Around Pacific Grove

    coyotePacific Grove Animal Control has been informed of coyote sightings in several neighborhoods around Pacific Grove, and in relatively close vicinity to people.

    Coyotes are naturally fearful of humans but may become a threat if they become comfortable around humans or are given access to food and garbage. As a result, they may lose their natural caution and fear of people and cause property damage or even threaten pets and humans.

    It is important to recognize that coyotes are part of our natural surroundings and play an important role in our ecosystem by helping to control vermin populations Coyotes are typically nocturnal and prefer to hunt for rodents and small animals. However, they are opportunistic hunters and may prey on small pets and feed on pet food left outdoors, or on unsecured garbage.

    Knowing that coyote are prominent in the central Coast region, if it important to remember the following:

    • Never feed coyotes or any other wildlife.
    • Don’t allow pets to run free, especially at night
    • Secure your trash containers.
    • If approached by a coyote, it may be possible to chase them away by shouting, waving your arms, or making loud noises. If this fails, throw sticks or rocks in the animal’s direction.
    • Carry an animal deterrent spray with a citronella base.
    • Respect and protect wild animals and keep them wild.

    If a coyote attacks a pet or person in Pacific Grove immediately notify Pacific Grove Police department at 831-648-3143. Additional information about living with wildlife can be found on the fish and Wildlife website at www.keepmewild.org.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 24, 2015

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