• How fun to live in a town where the mayor creates a photo essay based on running shoes! Mayor Bill Kampe gave us 10 shots of colorful footwear he took Saturday morning, April 25 at the By the Bay 3K.

    You can also see it in print next Friday  in our May 1 issue

    Nearly four thousand participants from 36 Monterey County schools took part in the Big Sur Marathon’s fun run. The By the Bay 3K (or approximately 2 mile) race took place along Ocean View Blvd. in Pacific Grove.WK20150425_1354_1000web

    A cash purse of $13,650 was awarded to 20 schools who registered runners in the race. The distributions were made based upon the number of students and family members participating per school as well as the percentage of total student body. Cash bonuses, special plaques and donated ClifKids product were awarded to schools who are also enrolled in the JUST RUN youth fitness program. Monterey County Superintendent of Schools Nancy Kotowski assisted the JUST RUN team in presenting the awards.

    Below are the totals, provided by Julie Armstrong of Big Sur International Marathon:WK20150425_1370_1000web

    For schools with 375 or more students:


    1st: Los Padres ($1,300)
    2nd: Castroville ($1,000)
    3rd: Prunedale ($800)
    4th: Elkhorn ($600)
    5th: Lincoln ($400)

    1st: Forest Grove ($1,300)
    2nd: La Mesa ($1,000)
    3rd: Robert Down ($800)
    4th: Toro Park ($600)
    5th: Marshall ($50)WK20150425_1371_1000web

    For schools with less than 375 students:

    1st: Monterey Bay Charter ($1,000)
    2nd: Bay View Academy ($800)
    3rd: Dual Language Academy ($250)
    4th: Crumpton ($400)
    5th: Monterey Bay Christian ($50)

    1st: Pacific Valley ($1,000)
    2nd: Graves ($800)
    3rd: Captain Cooper ($600)
    4th: Chartwell ($400)
    5th: Washington Union ($300)WK20150425_1372_1000web

    The By the Bay 3K is a semi-annual event held in conjunction with the Big Sur International Marathon each April and the Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay.  It serves as a ‘goal race’ for students enrolled in the marathon’s JUST RUN youth fitness program, and as a community event for children and their families.  The spring event offers the Schools Competition where Monterey County Schools can compete for cash awards based on participation.

    For more information on the JUST RUN youth fitness program or races, visit www.justrun.org or contact the Big Sur Marathon office, 625-6225 or info@bsim.org.

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