• May 19 ‘Sweet Thursday’ Voices of Change book evening

    May 19 ‘Sweet Thursday’

    Voices of Change book evening at the National Steinbeck Center (NSC), One Main Street, Salinas, on “Sweet Thursday” May 19, from 5:30-8:00 p.m. Presented by the People’s Oral History Project (POHP)-Karen Araujo, Juan Martinez and Gary Karnes. 63 published oral interviews with Monterey County activists and organizers, 1934-2015.

    Open and free to the public. Books will be available at the event to purchase for $20 or in advance of the event at the NSC bookstore for $25 or the Bookworks in P.G. for $30. For more information, contact Gary Karnes 831 402-9106 gary.karnes@comcast.net.

    Voices of Change—the 63 Transcribed Interviews of the People’s Oral History Project, Monterey County

    The book, Voices of Change, is not all about leafletting in front of the factory gate at dawn. There’s another slice of life here. It’s the real deal, salted with a dash of humor, peppered with a pinch of wisdom and a rub of romance. See what Dolores Huerta, Holly Near, Marshall Ganz and Dr. Charlie Clements have to say about Voices of Change. Oral interviews were conducted with local risk-takers, troublemakers, change agents, and community and labor union organizers who have been active across the Salinas Valley and Monterey Peninsula since 1934. These stories are told in the context of the importance of effective and nonviolent community organizing and progressive advocacy that promotes personal and institutional change in human affairs. Lessons learned apply globally.

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