• Pacific Grove to receive SB1 “fix it first” maintenance funding

    After over two years of discussion, California legislators yesterday approved SB1 to invest in California’s transportation system. The bulk of the money in this bill is devoted to “fix it first” maintenance funding for existing county roads, city streets, state highways and bus transit. Pacific Grove stands to receive $351,000 in the first of 10 years.

    It will also assure that regional funds in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) will grow with inflation, which will help “self-help” counties like Monterey match their locally raised funds for regional priority projects. Monterey County recently became a self-help county when voters approved Measure X, the Transportation Safety & Investment Plan on November 8, 2016.

    Overall, this bill is estimated to provide over $21 million per year to Monterey County, more than a one for one matching of Measure X funding. Debbie Hale, the Executive Director of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County said, “This is exactly the type of leveraging we were looking for when our Agency began efforts to become a self-help county.  SB 1 provides a substantial down payment on the more than $1 billion dollars of unfunded transportation needs in Monterey County.  I want to thank our state legislative delegation – Senators Bill Monning, Anthony Cannella and Assemblymembers Mark Stone and Anna Caballero – all of whom made fixing roads a priority and voted in favor of SB1.”

    SB1, the $52 billion state transportation bill authored by Senator Jim Beall, D‑Campbell, will raise money by increasing gas taxes and vehicle license fees over the next three years.  The package will also include a fee for electric vehicles, which are currently using the road system but not contributing through the gas tax.  Funding is expected to start flowing to the cities and counties in early 2018.

    According to the Governor’s office, the chart below provides the preliminary estimates of new funding for Monterey County.

    SB 1 Funding Estimate – Monterey County

    Preliminary Estimate of New Funding

    RECIPIENT   10 Years 1 Year
    Regional Projects – STIP   $10,000,000 $1,000,000
    COUNTY OF MONTEREY   $99,000,000 $9,900,000
    CARMEL‐BY‐THE‐SEA   $880,000 $88,000
    DEL REY OAKS   $380,000 $38,000
    GONZALES   $1,940,000 $194,000
    GREENFIELD   $3,990,000 $399,000
    KING CITY   $3,250,000 $325,000
    MARINA   $4,800,000 $480,000
    MONTEREY   $6,550,000 $655,000
    PACIFIC GROVE   $3,510,000 $351,000
    SALINAS   $36,850,000 $3,685,000
    SAND CITY   $90,000 $9,000
    SEASIDE   $7,800,000 $780,000
    SOLEDAD   $5,890,000 $589,000
    MONTEREY-SALINAS TRANSIT   $27,883,696 $2,788,370
        $212,813,696 $21,281,370
    Source:  Governor’s Office, 2017      

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 7, 2017

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