• On Fri., Oct 4 at 9am, Public Water Now will hold a rally at the regional landfill gate at Del Monte Blvd. and Charlie Benson Lane north of Marina. 

    Stop and talk with us on your way in to the Pure Water Monterey Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Find out why the expansion of Pure Water Monterey is a far better choice than Cal Am’s proposed desal plant. 

    PWN is deeply concerned that Cal Am continues to force its desal plant on the Peninsula when there is a much better solution, both environmentally and economically. See the attached Comparison Chart.

    “We don’t need Cal Am’s desal plant,” says Public Water Now director, Melodie Chrislock. “If you are willing to look at the facts, it’s clear that the Pure Water Monterey Expansion could meet the Peninsula’s needs for 40 to 50 years at a fraction of the economic and environmental cost.” 

    Cal Am’s desal would produce 250 times more Greenhouse gas than the expansion of Pure Water Monterey. It would damage the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin with seawater intrusion and threaten Marina’s water supply.

    Cal Am’s desal plant would cost $1.2 billion financed over 30 years, compared to the PWM Expansion at a cost of $190 million. Both can supply the water needed for growth for decades, according to the recent Water Supply and Demand report from the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, 

    North on Hwy 1, 2 miles past Marina
    Take the second Del Monte Blvd Exit and turn right off the exit onto Del Monte Blvd
    The Regional Environmental Park sign on the left, marks Charlie Benson Lane.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 2, 2019

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