• 2017 Big Sur Marathon Begins Registration Process July 15

    Multiple opportunities to enter the “bucket list” race are available  through a series of random drawings and special categories

     Registration to enter a series of random drawings for the 2017 Big Sur International Marathon begins Friday, July 15.

    Due to its continued popularity, the Big Sur Marathon offers various opportunities to earn a space in the April 30, 2017 race. These include drawings for groups and couples, loyalty runners, Monterey County residents and “bucket list” or first-timer entrants.  In addition, a ‘last chance’ drawing will be held once all selected runners have completed registration.

    “The Big Sur Marathon continues to have unprecedented demand for entries so we have devised a system to reach all of our audiences,” said Doug Thurston, race director of the 32-year-old event.  We’ve held a drawing for the past three years and each year refine the system to make it easy and fair for all.”

    Changes for this year include no entry fee to register for the drawings and staggered registration time frames per category.  The schedule to register for the various categories is as follows:

    GROUPS & COUPLES: Registration takes place July 15-24 with results announced on July 26. This category is for groups of two to 10 people who want to participate only if everyone in the group is chosen.

    INDIVIDUALS: Registration takes place July 29-August 7 with results announced on August 9-11.  This category includes Loyalty runners – those who have finished one or more Big Sur Marathons; Local runners – residents of Monterey County; and “Bucket List” First Timers – those who have never finished the Big Sur International Marathon.  Individuals are allowed to enter in multiple categories.

    LAST CHANCE DRAWING: Registration takes place August 19-25 with results announced August 26. This is a final opportunity to enter for a chance to receive a slot in the 2017 marathon.  This is open to any individual including those not selected in an individual category above.

    Marathoners interested in running in the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge (B2B), two iconic marathons separated by 13 days, have the opportunity to register for the random drawing beginning October 1 following their separate admittance into the Boston Marathon.

    In addition to the random drawing selection process, there are additional ways to enter the popular destination race.  A full travel package including hotel, on-site travel, course tour, race hospitality and other race perks are available through Marathon Tours.  Specialized training and VIP amenities throughout the weekend are available through the Runner’s World VIP program and fundraising opportunities through partner charities offer race entries as part of the fund raising package.  Race slots are also available by contributing to the Big Sur Marathon’s JUST RUN youth fitness program.

    If selected, prices for the 2017 Big Sur International Marathon are $175 for U.S. runners, $200 for international entrants and $160 for Monterey County residents. There is no fee to enter any of the drawings.

    Detailed information on the special categories and the full registration process is available on the Big Sur Marathon’s website at www.bsim.org/Results___Records/2017_Drawing.htm.

    Additional distance events taking place along the Big Sur Marathon course on California’s scenic Highway 1 are open for first-come first-served registration beginning September 1, 2016.  These distances include a 21-Miler, 10.6-Miler, 12K (formerly the 9-Miler) and 5K.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 11, 2016

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