• 2nd fire base camp opens: CHP traffic advisory for Carmel Valley Rd

    A secchp helps at Toro Parknd fire base camp opens at Rancho Canada Golf Course as Toro Park becomes overcrowded. This will also help defray some lapse time as personnel are deployed to and from the fire, which is moving south/southeast. CalFire advises they do not yet have an exact count as to the number or percentage of the more than 5,000 firefighters who will be moved to Rancho Canada but they expect it to be “sizeable.”

    CHP suggest traffic remain aware that Carmel Valley Road will see one lane of traffic from 5-9 AM beginning Sunday, July 31. CHP officers will begin re-directing traffic as of 4-9 PM so firefighting equipment can make that left turn onto the newly-constructed access road to Rancho Canada.

    “If the traveling public chooses to drive in the left lane despite the advisory and is slowed by the left-turning fire equipment from westbound Carmel Valley Road into the CalFire base, I hope the motorists will be understanding, patient and refrain from making sudden lanes changes from lane to lane to simply save a few seconds from their travels,” said Oscar Loza, CHP PIO. He adds that if “unsafe lane changes, unsafe speed, or other accident causing violations are observed by the CHP, violators will be subject to appropriate enforcement action.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 30, 2016

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