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    by Rudolph Tenenbaum

    The banners we decided not to carry.
    The women we decided not to marry.

    The roads we decided not to travel.
    The codes we neglected to unravel.

    The lives unlived, the feelings disregarded
    The law defines as property discarded.

    A life, a wife, a dream, a precious stone,
    Just anyone may claim them as his own.

    And look! As everyone picks up the pieces
    The value of the property increases.

    And we acquire quite a different vision
    Of what we once rejected with derision.

    We notice the women’s grace and manners,
    And those banners, those proud banners,

    And those tiresome, but quite enticing roads,
    And those intricate, but quite intriguing codes.

    The finders jubilate displaying every item.
    It would be wrong to hate ‘em and to spite ‘em.

    We spot the wheat left out by the reapers
    And curse the law proclaiming “finders keepers.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 3, 2013

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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