• High Hats and Parasols, April 13th, 2012

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Possible Brigade for Monterey Peninsula
    It would seem, judging by a letter from Congressman J. C. Needham addressed to your editor, that the Monterey Peninsula can be certain of a Brigade Army Post in the not distant future. You may be interested in knowing that I also have had a talk with the Chief of Staff, US Army, Major General Wood. I learned that a peninsula post is highly regarded by the officials of the War Department. If Congress should abolish a number of other posts, which it likely will, the new Post is seen as a shoo-in. Believe me, this newspaper and your editor will do everything that can be done to make this possibility a certainty.

    Another speaker for Chautauqua
    Mr. Lincoln Wirt, who is a noted explorer, author, and lecturer, has advised the Chautauqua committee that he will be present during the coming Chautauqua and will be happy to speak. Mr. Wirt has most recently gone into a wilderness for a month’s stay taking with him only a knife, matches, and a tomahawk. He believes that everyone should set up trials for themselves to broaden their mental and physical powers. “The mind especially is a weapon that must be sharpened,” said the lecturer. “I plan to discuss ways of doing that.”

    Livery for Rent
    Many Grovians still have difficulty believing that the Mammoth livery, which was located on Forest avenue, was destroyed in a conflagration and is no more. However, Mr. J. M. Gardner urges no one to despair. Instead, he encourages all to patronize his stables as a substitute. The up-to-date livery is headquartered on Fountain avenue in what was formerly Buliene’s stand1. At Gardner’s livery, customers can acquire anything from saddlery to harness. Horse-drawn vehicles―from the lightest of carriages to the heaviest of haulage wagons―stand ready to be employed. Mr. Gardner promises a first-class rig for four when there is interest in following the 17 mile drive around. The price is set the same as renting an equal-sized rig for travel on the streets.The Gardner Livery also boards horses.
    Be assured that your animals will be carefully tended.

    Correspondence school now open
    The Polytechnic Business College, the finest business training school in the west, allows students to become certificated without ever setting a foot down on camps.
    This is accomplished through a comprehensive system of working by mail. Lessons are posted to the student, who then completes the lessons and undergoes testing before mailing the results back to PBC. Upon receipt, new lessons are mailed to the student until the course is finished. The quality of our education can be attested to by the more than 100 young men and women who have graduated, and are now working at the highest wages paid anyone. Our endurablity is insured by being capitalized at $100,000.
    Contact the Admissions Dean, Polytechnic Business College at 306 12th, Oakland2.

    Colonial Theatre offers top billing
    If you want full value for the investment of a dime, do not fail to attend the Colonial Theater this weekend. Screening are eight3 fine pictures, five of which offer full-fledged guarantees to bring laughs where laughs have never been heard before. “A Coquette’s Suitors”, the lead flicker, will keep you guessing as to whom the lucky man is going to be. “Crazy Gulch” and the “Hobo’s Roundup” are also excellent. Only 10¢ a seat.

    Snippets from around the area…

      • Open a checking or savings account at the Bank of E. Cooke Smith and gain access to a free safety-deposit box. Now paying 4% on savings. A sure step toward
      success is at your bank!
      • At Roth-Coney Co. in Pacific Grove, with cash trade, you can earn points to redeem in the best silverware ever made by Wm. Rogers. Get a full set of highgrade tableware, plated in silver. Ask about the plan, and ask about the best prices anywhere around.
      • The Charles Norton Brokerage is now offering fire, life, and accident insurance. Our policies are backed by a big-named, reputable firm. 571 Lighthouse.
      • The Pacific Grove Review is prepared to furnish engraved calling cards on short notice and we print at San Francisco prices. If you have a plate, bring it to us. If
      you are in need of a plate, we will make it for you. Engraved wedding invitations are also printed at big-city prices.
      • Three terriers recently killed 275 mice within an hour while a wheat stack at Bishop’s farm was being thrashed.

    And your bill amounts to …

      • Cottages for rent. Starting at $15 per month. We are agents for Snell, Water, and Flitter. Call on Strong & Camp Co. at 508 Lighthouse and ask to see one.
      • Oh yes! You will find the best pies in the Grove at the Coffee Club. Can’t be beat. 15¢ straight. 20¢ with ice cream or topping. 25¢ with a bottomless cup of coffee.
      • Spoon & Hicks offers the best of everything in groceries. Now specializing in garden seeds. Make certain you have not been cheated after arrival at home.
      Standard, family, table-top scales. $2.75.
      • J. H. Lowe, 412 Willow street, will haul your garbage. 50¢ by the hour, with horses and wagon. Leave word at the Review office, or ask the operator for 355.
      • Two lots for sale. Located near new high school building in an excellent location.
      For details, see the Review office. $125 per lot. Payments can be worked out after 10% down.

    Author’s Notes
    1 Although the office was on Fountain, Gardner’s pasture and corral were outside town. Perhaps these correspondence courses were the forerunners of studies on the Internet. Your author completed a correspondence class offered by the University of Kansas in the subject of “rhetoric” (writing) too many years ago to mention.
    2 This is not as much of an endurance test as it may sound. Movies of a century ago ranged from ten to twenty minutes in length.

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