• Police log 7/27/13 – 8/2/13

    by Laura Emerson

    The stolen car that wasn’t

    Resident of Eardley Ave. reported his vehicle stolen. Following an area check, the vehicle was located one block away.

    The stolen car that was

    Vehicle theft reported on Forest Ave., later recovered.

    Lost lug nuts

    Subject was driving on Del Monte Blvd. when vehicle began to swerve to the right, hitting a parked car and a mailbox. As the driver attempted to gain control, the right front tire came off.

    Just trying to clean up the mess

    Party reported that while a neighbor’s pine tree on Del Monte Blvd. was being trimmed, a branch fell onto his property and damaged his shed. He was concerned that one of the workers had jumped the fence onto his property without prior permission to remove the branches. Manager of tree service contacted and said they would pay for the minor damage to the shed.

    It’s never okay to yell at kids

    Following up on a report of a verbal dispute on Pacific Grove Lane, the involved parties stated that the loud talking was directed at the children as they were trying to get them ready to leave the house for the day and they were being uncooperative.

    Didn’t plan that one very well

    Officers were dispatched in response to the theft of alcohol at a business in the Country Club Gate Shopping Center. Following witness information, police were able to locate Nathaniel Morales of Arkwright Ct. and take him into custody. Unable to make bail, Morales was transported to the county jail for burglary.

    Lost & found

    Victim living on Pine Ave. provided detailed description of her lost wallet, which is believed to have gone missing in Monterey.

    Cell phone turned in; owner located, phone returned, all is well.

    A cyclist found a wallet while wheeling through Monterey; the owner was located and the wallet returned.

    Reporting party did not notice her passport was missing until she was well out of the area and on her way to Nevada.

    Subject came to the station to report losing her ring, possibly on Lighthouse – or at the races at Laguna Seca.

    Subject living on Pine Ave. called to inform police that the checkbook she’d previously reported as lost had been located.

    Pine Ave. resident reports losing wallet.

    (Another) Pine Ave. resident reported losing their wallet somewhere in the downtown PG area.

    Dispatched to a residence on Caledonia St. on a report of a suspicious person, the investigating officer located several children’s toys in a bag and a backpack. While the toys have gone unclaimed at the station, the backpack owner gratefully retrieved their property.

    Boy’s jacket found at Washington Park by baseball field.

    Reporting party lost their cell phone at the Feast of Lanterns Pet Parade.

    Free stuff, help yourself

    Purse stolen from unlocked vehicle parked on Monarch Lane.

    Victim on Forest Ave. had items stolen from his unlocked vehicle during the night.

    Durn trespassers

    Party reported that occupants were inside their residence on 19th St. without authorization.

    While attempting to tow an apparently-abandoned trailer with no plates and a boat with expired registration, three people came out of the house on Eardley Ave. and claimed they would move it by the next day. Two days later the trailer/boat was still there.

    Intoxicated brother threatens harm to siblings

    Police booked Scott House of Lighthouse Ave. for threatening his two brothers with a knife.

    Not that store, the other one

    Subject requested that the taxi driver take her to a particular store to shop, only the driver took her to a different location of that business. When she told the taxi driver to take her to the other store, she claimed he yelled at her which caused her to become upset and an ambulance was called. Subject  later stated she would handle the customer service issue on her own.

    What barking dog?

    The officer dispatched to ongoing complaints of an ongoing barking dog problem on Funston Ave. has been unable to actually catch the offending dog in the act, despite numerous drive-by checks – during the day and the night, even on their own time.


    Intended victim living on Laurel Ave. received an internet pop-up message that claimed to be from the FBI, indicating their computer was frozen and would stay that way until $300 was submitted to an electronic address, supposedly in Pebble Beach. No action was taken; computer unlocked at approximately 10:00 AM.

    Party reported fraudulent use of business credit cards at a local store on Lighthouse Ave; investigation is ongoing.

    The other dog made him bark

    Police were dispatched to a residence on Junipero Ave. where a dog was reported to have been barking for an hour and a half. Responding officer was unable to determine cause of the intermittent barking. When the owner eventually returned home, they claimed another neighborhood dog was the instigator. The supposed rabble-rouser was observed lying quietly in his own yard.

    Ah the peace and quiet

    Lighthouse Ave. resident reported losing their hearing aids – two weeks ago.

    School dumpsters not for private dumping

    Two PG schools reported finding the same person’s mail and other personal items, including a sharps container, inside the dumpsters on school grounds. Subject was contacted and apologized, stating his son’s friends had helped him vacate his apartment and the items were supposed to have been appropriately disposed.

    Maybe the circus is in town

    Reporting party on Union St. offered a photograph of four peanut shells located on the roadway in driveway as proof of her neighbor continuing to feed the wildlife.

    Who’s breaking car windows?

    Victim#1 discovered shattered window on vehicle parked on Laurel Ave.; nothing inside appeared to be disturbed or taken.

    Victim #2 discovered her vehicle window had been damaged overnight while parked on Wood St.

    Victim #3 had her front passenger window smashed and items taken from inside vehicle on 16th St.

    Victim #4 on Jewel Ave. had passenger side window scratched and door handle broken.

    Hungry squirrel unable to distinguish between a cracker and a toe

    The nine-year-old female was brought to the Pacific Grove fire station by her father because she had been bitten on the toe by a squirrel that might have been after the cracker she had accidently dropped. The incident took place while standing at one of the turn-outs along Oceanview Blvd. First aid was rendered.


    Unknown suspect vandalized a mailbox on Congress Ave.

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