• 9/28/13 – 10/4/13

    by Laura Emerson

     Ya gotta keep the paperwork current

    When police stopped the vehicle on Forest Lodge Rd. because of expired registration, the driver handed the officer her expired driver license.

    DUI collides with parked cars

    A female driver, found to be under the influence after colliding with two parked cars, was transported to CHOMP due to her injuries.

    Nobody cleans carpets for free

    The party reported that an adult came to their residence and offered to clean their carpets for free. The resident let him in to survey the carpets only he was more interested in asking personal questions, such as their age, etc. When the carpet cleaner said he’d be back in 20 minutes, but never returned, the residents called the police. An area check did not locate the subject and the residents were advised not to let in strangers.


    According to a study by Travelers Insurance, of all the cases of identity theft with a known cause, nearly half result from a missing wallet or purse – three times more than from data breaches or online scams.

    The subject called to report that her son had lost his wallet sometime in the past few days, that he could not recall where or when he last saw it.

    Party on Country Club Gate reported losing their wallet.

    They should all be so lucky

    While the officer was taking information over the telephone about a lost wallet, a subject walked into the station at the same moment with the lost wallet in hand.

    A party residing on Junipero Ave. turned in an envelope marked ‘Rent’ that contained cash and a check that was returned to its owner within the hour.

    A credit card was found on Lighthouse Ave., turned in to police and returned to (the very lucky) owner the next day.

    Pine Ave. resident turned in a wallet he found while cycling the back country in Ft. Ord. The owner was located and retrieved his wallet.


    A small backpack that contained a child’s medication and games was found on a bench along the beach front.

    Subject came to the station with a found bone. The item was forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office/Coroner’s Division for examination.

    A dog was found in a parking lot near a restaurant on Forest Ave. and brought to the police department.

    A wallet that contained a student ID card, two bank cards and other miscellaneous cards was found on the grounds of an apartment complex on Pacific Grove Ln.

    But it wasn’t lost

    The party reported placing his backpack on the ground while he assisted with setting up for the Farmers Market booths. He returned and the backpack was missing. He was told a female picked it up and told a vendor she would turn it in to the police. That has yet to happen.

    Road rage, punk juvenile version

    The reporting party stopped to allow a deer to cross the road. The gray van behind her pulled alongside and two juveniles began yelling profanities at her. As she attempted to drive away they forced her vehicle off to the side of the road. When she resumed driving they began to drive around her vehicle until they bumped her rear bumper. She was unable to get the license number.

    Must have forgotten he’s on probation

    A probation check was conducted at the residence of Jay Ballard on 14th St. where investigators located a controlled substance. Ballard was booked at PGPD and transported to County jail.

    Thieves stoop to new lows

    A business on Lighthouse Ave. reported that gasoline had been siphoned from a work vehicle over the week-end.

    Party reported that the building he was working on was burglarized overnight and multiple tools were stolen.

    What exactly does selling without permission mean?

    The suspect sold a tool box without the owner’s permission. The tool box will be returned to the owner by the person who purchased the tool box.

    Not the hobby he thought it would be

    A gun, purchased with the intent of restoring it but later determined to be too much of a project, was turned in for destruction.

    Witnesses but none of them good Samaritans

    The shopper returned to his vehicle in the SaveMart parking lot where he observed that another car had hit his vehicle and left the scene. Witnesses observed the accident but no one bothered to take down the license plate.

    Suspicious activity

    Party on Gibson Ave. reported an attempted burglary to her vehicle after observing that the front passenger side door handle was scratched and damaged.

    Party on Junipero Ave. reported that the window in their car was shattered.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 10, 2013

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