• Police Log through 1/9/09

    Snippets from the station log

    by Jon Guthrie

    Okay, so you’re not a cow!
    A complainant telephoned police to let officers know that a nearby person was banging pans and making other obnoxious noises. The complainant said the offending party had threatened her in the past, and shouted such obscenities as: “F… you, cow.” At some point during these aggressive periods, the subject’s daughter begins pounding the floor loudly as though in retaliation. The complainant alleged the situation has become so bad that the woman fears for her own welfare. Investigating officers believe that the complainant may be overstating the problem a bit. In the log, the officers reported that both parties were at fault.

    No Name? Well, what’s your birthday?
    A man was seen standing near the recreation trail at 3 o’clock one morning. He appeared disoriented, and did not respond when asked for a name. He did respond to a request for his date of birth-June something or another, 1968-but with little coherency. More questions led the officer to believe the man might be a mentally unstable person. The officer asked if the man needed a ride somewhere. The subject refused. A check of records revealed that the man had had contacts with Sand City and CSUMB police within the past two months. After a field interview, the subject was sent on his way.

    Got a spare nut and bolt handy?
    An officer checked a vehicle apparently abandoned along Forest Avenue. The check did little to alleviate suspicions about the vehicle not belonging to the next door neighbors. The car was in poor condition. The dash, steering wheel, steering column, and door panels had all been removed. Home-made wiring and electrical connections were seen throughout the vehicle. The driver’s window refused to remain closed. The trunk was filled with tools and parts, possibly a conglomerate of auto and boat parts, plus oil and grease and dirt everywhere. The officer called Monterey Garage to tow the vehicle.

    Siphon unnecessary. Prices have come down, dummy.
    A woman seemed to have difficulty with her vehicle after leaving it parked in a lot all day while she worked. As soon as she started the vehicle at the end of the day, the “check engine” light came on. After arriving at home, the woman decided to investigate her car more thoroughly. She found the gas cap latch had been broken and about ¼ tank of gas apparently stolen by siphoning.

    Hey! You’re under arrest.
    A dog wandering around in the Asilomar district was wearing neither tag nor collar. A check revealed the animal to be a male Australian Shepherd. The dog was transported to a holding pen to wait for a citation to be issued … whether to the dog or its owner was not made clear.

    The case of the invisible kids!
    A male showed up at the door about noon and started knocking persistently. The lady-of-the-house recognized the man from his being part of a work gang doing some recent contract service. Not being certain what the man wanted, the lady decided not to respond and to warn her stroke-inflicted husband to do likewise. The man then gave up on knocking, and began ringing the doorbell, an action that continued for almost two hours. Finally, the home owner called out and asked what the man wanted. After a pause, the noisy knocker and bell ringer said he had brought his children over to get acquainted. The woman saw no kids. She contacted police and advised the officer she wanted no contact with the man … or with his alleged kids.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 9, 2009

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