• Misguided Voters Defeated Measure G

    Letter to the Editor,

    On election night, I was one of seven people sitting in the audience of the historic preservation ordinance ad hoc committee meeting. As residents passed by the window on their way to the polling place next door, our pre-meeting conversation naturally turned to Measure G. All property owners, those around me nodded in unison when one person remarked that there were already too many line items for the school district on their property tax bill. “I heard that they were going to give an iPad to every kid in the school district,” said someone else. Heads shook in unison.

    Did they not understand that the tech bond would not start until after the parcel tax had ended so there would be no new line items on their property tax bill? Did they not hear that those iPads would be “loaded” with textbooks and interactive learning programs designed to engage every student at their particular learning level – advanced and special ed? Students would no longer be required to lug around heavy books and teachers would have more time and opportunity to teach.

    Were they not aware that educational technology is no longer the textbook of the future – it’s the textbook of today, that businesses and universities rely heavily on technology and that those students who learned in a tech-savvy environment are better prepared to succeed after graduation?

    Perhaps Measure G was more sophisticated than what the community understood and many voters did not bother to educate themselves, deciding instead to support the misnomer of no new taxes. As a small school district, PGUSD is known throughout the country for innovative education. But without the funds to support technology education, the school district could quickly fall behind, and families considering a move to Pacific Grove will now look elsewhere. Tell me, Measure G opponents, did you think that far ahead?

    Laura Emerson

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 7, 2013

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