• Acceptance

    by Erika McLitus

    These fragile, amorous connections
    all butterflies and string
    stretched taut over a gaping emotional gulf–
    string breaking, wings tearing–
    I can feel the air through the gaps
    with each heavy sigh
    laden with its unacceptable truths.
    But as the night drops its heavy darkness over me,
    the naked honesty that appears in the moonlight
    renders my despair irrelevant.
    I grasp my protests closer to me,
    like a child seeking comfort,
    then, reluctantly, I let them go.
    All these empty denials
    descend like soap bubbles,
    beautiful lies that sink, rest, and burst.
    And as I embrace the transience,
    as I transcend my panic,
    I feel the tension lessen as my own hands open,
    loose string swaying in the breeze,
    butterflies fluttering between my fingers,
    happiness falling on my cheeks like a sunbeam.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 28, 2012

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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