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    by Jane Roland

    I enjoy writing about people and animals I know and love.  However, every so often, along come stories of critters and individuals who have compelling tales, so I put “pen to paper” and make an effort to bring them alive for  my readers.  Recently I told you about Dodge and the efforts being made to help with his medical bills.  There are some who say “with a dog that old, why spend the money?” Those of us who know his owner, understand.  He is her life, her raison d’être (reason for existence).  When we see him it is impossible to believe that he almost nineteen years old.  We hope he will be with us for years to come. .

    Many of you have asked about our dog, Brandy, who has a heart ailment.  We thought we would lose her, but she seems to be thriving.  She is on medication and can no longer go on her beloved walks.  However, she seems happy, is eating well, and adjusting to her new life.   My Siamese, Sammy, gave us a scare when he appeared to be very sick; eyes glued shut, hiding under the bed or in the yard.  Before we could catch him for a doctor’s visit, he came around and now seems as good as new.  It was probably a fight, who knows, he didn’t tell us.

    I have mentioned often my admiration of those who work directly with the animals, those who tend to their needs, at shelters, fostering, and driving, among other duties.  A “blast” goes out about a dog or cat needing a ride to a distant location.  Somehow, someone always comes through, usually by return email.  If there are any of you out there who can help, please call the AFRP Adoption Center or Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.  Both are small Pacific Grove animal rescue groups that always need assistance.

    If, on the other hand, you have some time and want to help raise funds for AFRP, stop by and see me at the Treasure Shop at 160 Fountain Avenue.  Right now we are looking for furniture, obviously we would love to have it delivered, but can make arrangements for pickups if necessary.  Also, bring us your goods, clothing, jewelry, books, small appliances, art work and more.  These donations need to be in new or like new condition as we haven’t the means to clean and repair.  On November 22, we will be celebrating our eighth annual Holiday Open House (how fast time flies).  The evening event on Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 is always a lot of fun, and, once again we will have the music of Felton and Michelle which everyone enjoyed so much last year.  Come, have a sip of wine, a bite to eat and pick up some wonderful Christmas gifts for your friends, family or yourself.

    Our second Fiesta del Perro was a huge success and we thank everyone who participated, donated goods or money, or all.   It is PG Rotary’s gift to Pacific Grove.       I am happy to include the following information about Zane who was the subject of a column a while back:

    jane zane“Remember Zane, the sweet German Shepherd who lay in a field, waiting for help for three days over Memorial Day weekend after being hit by a car and suffering two broken legs? After three surgeries and many months of recovery, Zane was cleared for adoption this week and found his forever home with Karen R. of Carmel! Karen had been profoundly touched after reading Zane’s sad story. She donated towards his medical care and followed his progress as he healed. Karen lost her beloved German shepherd earlier this year, and felt that somehow she and Zane were destined to be together. We are thrilled that Zane has found his soul mate and friend for life!
    Many thanks to Dr. Mehalick and the AFRP clinic staff for pouring their hearts into Zane’s medical care and recovery, and to all the generous people who donated to Zane’s medical fund, kept him in their thoughts and prayers, and made this happy beginning possible. Working together, we made a miracle happen for this wonderful dog. Thank you!”

    So there you have it.  Zane has a home.  When I went into the AFRP web site to find this information (it was actually on Face book), I scrolled through the pictures of the animals needing homes and help. It is heart breaking how many pets are abandoned for one reason or another.  Were we younger we would have many more than our two dogs and two cats.  When my mother was living at the River Ranch, my friends and I rescued many of these creatures.  Obviously there were too many to keep, but Dr. Weston had started the shelter in Pacific Grove and often our foundlings went there where they would be safe.  I cannot describe the pound in Marina without shuddering.  Just think “Lady and the Tramp” and you will get the picture.  Thank you, everyone for your support.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 24, 2013

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