• All Saints’ to become Ocean Guardian School

    All Saints’ Day School, Carmel, has received a grant to support their efforts to become an Ocean Guardian school. Achieving that status is a yearlong process. Stemming from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Ocean Guardian program encourages schools to examine and implement many ways to take conservatorship of their local watershed and marine environment.
    The school’s goal is to eliminate waste on campus and to keep unwanted material out of the Carmel River watershed by expanding upon its existing recycling program. Over the course of the year, students and faculty are learning about the watershed, reducing food waste through portion monitoring and composting leftovers, replacing paper plates with reusable eco-friendly plastic plates, encouraging reusable lunch and water containers, using both sides of class and office paper, and replacing paper napkins with reusable cloth napkins.
    Recognizing that the river guardianship could have a larger public impact and that many schools are concerned with these issues, All Saints’ declared Zero Waste Week from March 17 to 23 and invited community participation. Michele Rench, Head of School, said, “We are very pleased to further advance our environmental sustainability efforts with Zero Waste Week, and we are very proud of the All Saints’ faculty and student leadership responsible for its creation.”
    Local educators embraced the concept, and the idea of reducing single-use plastics or disposables became the theme for a workshop held January 12. Some 40 students and teachers from schools that share the Carmel River watershed: Carmel High School, Carmel Middle School, Carmel River School, Stevenson School Carmel Campus, Tularcitos School, Carmelo School and All Saints’ participated in the first event ever to bring students and teachers from many public and independent local schools together to work on a common project.
    The hope is that the dedicated students and teachers who are participating in Zero Waste Week will be joined by community members who wish to help the environment.  For more information, contact Kristin Templeman, Communications Director, at 624-9171, ext. 14, or ktempleman@asds.org.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 15, 2013

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