• And the winner is. . .

    The Pacific Grove City Council entertained six applicants at a special meeting Tues., June 1, all vying for the seat on the council vacated by Deborah Lindsay. The top three candidates were Dan Miller, Rudy Fischer and William Fredrickson. Miller, who had missed a seat on the council in the last election and was not chosen when two other seats became vacant, was the choice this time around.

    Miller did not list a vocation on his application. He is 54 and a native of Pacific Grove. Among the issues he wishes to see the Council address during his tenure — five months — he listed completion of the Bath House, restoration of the lighthouse,  funding of the library,  stabilization of the city’s finances, paying down unfunded liabilities, and a “fair” tree ordinance.

    Miller will serve until the general election in November, when six of the seven seats are up for election. The only councilmember not facing election will be Bill Kampe, whose term expires in 2012.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 1, 2010

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