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    Rear window is shattered, but by whom?
    A Pacific Grove resident advised PGPD of a problem.  The woman said that she kept a camper shell at the back of her home’s driveway, except when it was in use.  She parks her vehicle in front of the shell, backing in, and aiming her vehicle toward the street.  Taking a look around before retiring, she observed that the camper shell was in good shape.  When she arose the next morning, the complainant discovered that an unknown party had shattered the camper’s rear window.  A PGPD officer conducted a check of the area, and found nothing.  The woman claims to have no enemies.  A check is now being conducted to find out if anyone living in the neighborhood saw anything.

    Where’s my phone?
    A gentleman walked into the police department, stating that he had a complaint to file.  Somewhere on Sunset Avenue, he had lost his Nokia cell phone.  The gentleman wanted it back.  He left a description of his phone with police, and instructions on how to contact him, just in case someone turns it in.

    A very special case
    PGPD has been working with a very special case.  The subject is bipolar.  He has been prescribed medications.  As long as he remains on his medical plan, he is fine.  But, when not … well.  And he may have a bit of an edge.  PGPD reports that the subject “has knowledge of police tactics.”

    Very little love at Lovers Point
    After deciding to walk around Lovers Point, a couple parked their car in one of the lot’s spaces.  Evidently, that was not a good thing to do.  An unknown someone opened the car’s trunk while the couple were gone.  The woman’s purse, being kept in the trunk, was stolen.  Police have no suspect leads.

    Well, what else can we do?
    A woman contacted PGPD to report that her brother is wandering aimlessly about town.  The subject has dogs with him.  His sister reported that he has a mental issue, for which he had been given medication.  He’s generally fine while medicating himself.  Recently, however, he has stopped medicating himself, which has caused the man to become hostile.  The woman said she would like to take care of the dogs, after her brother is found.  She would also like him mentally evaluated.

    Hey, where’d he go?
    The lady said that an unknown man had telephoned her about having found a purse she had lost.  He agreed to return the purse … if she would meet him at a Seaside address.  The lady agreed.  In Seaside, the complainant found that the address provided was that of an empty lot.  She tried to get in touch with the man at the phone contact she had for him, but discovered that it was a wrong number.  PGPD is checking to determine if any of her credit cards have been used.

    No chance for romance
    Admittedly, this man and woman can’t stand each other.  Things became heated, however, on the day the woman decided to take her dog for a walk and ran into the fellow at the corner of Sinex and Walnut.  She took advantage of the encounter to advise her adversary that she had been given permission by another neighbor to remove some potted plants.  She said that the fellow responded with a variety of statements mostly, evidently, intended to convey the impression that he didn’t give a ****.  The lady told police that the man said such things as “I’m sick of looking at you” and “Why don’t you move out of the neighborhood?”  He often inserted profanity.  The officer advised both parties not to communicate with each other.

    Let’s check this out
    The parents called in the “missing person” report to PGPD.  Their child had left Pacific Grove Middle School to run away.  The child had been gone for two days.  A BOL (be on the lookout) brought results.  The child was located in Monterey, walking on the recreation trail near Casa Verde.  The parents asked that the child be taken to CHOMP for a mental evaluation.

    Hey, I thought I saw them
    A woman contacted PGPD to report suspicious circumstances.  Two males had been standing outside her home, taking pictures of her through windows.  Later, PGPD discovered that the woman is suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Monterey police have documented having prior contacts with the woman, after receiving complaints.

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