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    A real miracle
    A close patrol had been requested for a church in Pacific Grove.  The reason?  Unknown subjects had been observed trespassing.  A PGPD officer found everything quiet, but certain parties were located in the rear of the church.  All were in possession of alcohol.  All were cited and released.

    She can no longer call cabs
    A woman called for a cab and asked to be picked up at her residence.  Upon departing, she asked to be transported downtown.  Then she changed her mind and asked, in sequence, for two or three other stops.  Upon returning to her residence, the woman confessed that she had no money with which to pay the $32.50 owed.  The cabbie thought about pressing charges, but said that he would not do that if the woman paid her bill next day.  She agreed to drop the money off at PGPD.  The police suggested that the cabbie contact his company and advise them of the situation.  The company found that the woman had done this several times previously.  They said that she would no longer be picked up.

    Too darn much (hic) to drink!
    While on patrol, a PGPD officer made a traffic stop in the 100 block of Ocean Avenue.  The errant driver appeared to be a bit intoxicated.  She was taken to CHOMP where her blood was tested.  The BAC (alcohol in blood) measured .134%.

    Darn mischief makers
    An individual contacted PGPD about car he had parked on Junipero.  An unknown someone had damaged the front portion of the auto by using a sharp object.  There is no suspect information.

    Value of a Medical Alert bracelet
    PGPD was asked to make a welfare check in behalf of a woman walking on Lighthouse Avenue.  After an officer arrived, he found the woman confused and unaware of where she lived.  She was wearing a med-bracelet, however.  A phone number was inscribed on the bracelet.  Her daughter, who answered the phone call, told the officer which PG motel the woman was staying at with her husband.  After being medically checked, the woman was turned over to the care of her husband.

    Someone did it
    A woman notified police that someone had entered her home via a kitchen window, stole her purse (which was on the table), and exited by a sliding glass door.  This theft occurred at night and the woman was sleeping.  However, she thinks she vaguely recalls seeing the shine of a flashlight.  She could provide no additional information.

    Ouch, that hurts!
    A burglary victim telephoned to report the break-in of a vehicle parked on Ocean View Blvd.  The complainant stated that among other items, a briefcase was stolen.  Inside the briefcase?  Cash in the amount of $4,000.

    Maybe the whale grabbed it
    Someone left a purse, a camera, and an iPod near the Pacific Grove Natural Museum where Sandy the Whale stands guard.  A careful check revealed a phone number.  The goods belonged to an out-of-town juvenile.  The officer left a message saying the goodies had been grabbed and were being held at the police station.  Sandy the Whale was alleged blameless.

    It’s only a few crumbs
    An informant telephoned PGPD to advise of someone feeding the birds.  Such activity is, in truth, illegal in Pacific Grove (see municipal code 10.10.010, wild life feeding).  However, police discovered that the act may have been a bit more personal than it may have appeared.  The two people involved have a lengthy history of being at arms length.

    Well, I tried
    An officer was dispatched to an address on Arkwright Court to check on a possible attempt at suicide.  Discovered was a woman who had ingested large numbers of prescription pills that had been washed down with prodigious amounts of alcohol.  She was transported to Natividad Medical Center for help.

    Ransford is no race track
    A dad and his daughter, two years of age, were out for a stroll.  On Ransford, a gray 1990’s Honda sped up with its horn honking.  The driver yelled: “Keep your kid out of the street.”  This frightened the daughter who began to cry.  The complainant requested a close watch for vehicles speeding on Ransford.

    She’s not really mean
    A woman contacted police to complain about physical abuse.  The woman claimed that her mom had struck her several times.  There may have been a reason, however.  Mom is suffering from Alzheimer’s and she sometimes refuses to take prescribed medications.

    It’s a real charge
    A credit card issuer called a Pacific Grove man to inquire if he had really wanted to make several odd purchases.  The man said that he did not, and had not.  An investigation revealed that his credit card was missing.  He believes he may have dropped it in the Save Mart parking lot.  No other information is available.

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