• As of May 4, 2009

    Dog on loose
    A Pacific Grove pedestrian flagged a passing PGPD officer on patrol. There was a collared dog running loose in the neighborhood, so the pedestrian had taken the animal into custody.  The officer escorted the dog to temporary quarters at the city yard.  The dog was well identified.  He was wearing a collar, a PG dog license, and an SPCA tag.  As it turned out, the animal had a new owner … who paid his penalties, and took the dog home.

    Wow, what a find
    A resident stumbled across a plastic bag … of the sort hated by ecologists.  Looking inside, the resident found groups of CCs, CDLs, receipts, and cash.  Evidently the bag had been lost by a business person.  The finder gave the bag and contents to PGPD.  The bag’s owner was notified that he could pick up his belongings.

    Someone needed a rest
    The manager at the Beachcombers Inn called PGPD with a complain.  An unknown party(ies) had swiped two, director-style chairs from the front porch.  The manager had no suspect information to offer.

    Give this a check, please
    PGPD received a call from the Orange County police department.  The officer was requesting a “welfare check” on a female residing in Pacific Grove.  The lady, a military veteran, is inclined to enjoy drinking too much.  Worse, when under the influence, the lady is inclined to hurt herself.  Upon calling at the apartment, an officer found the subject inside unconscious.  He contacted the VA clinic (former Fort Ord) and was advised to take her to CHOMP.  There, the subject was to be held for a 72 hour mental health check.

    Not on our streets, please
    A 2004 Mazda RX-8 had been noticed just sitting at a location near Moreland and David Avenues.  A check revealed that the auto bore no license tags and its registration had expired in February.  The registered owner (if still the same) has an address in Greenfield.  California Towing was summoned to take charge of the vehicle.

    That’s pretty trashy
    A member of the Pacific Grove city council called PGPD with a complaint.  The council member had observed a very trashy yard at an address on Ridge Road.  An officer found that the yard was filled with large piles of trash.  Plastic tarps had blown about.  A motor vehicle and a boat were stranded there.  The occupant, however, was unavailable after ATC (attempt to contact).  A clean-up will be requested.

    Just too old to hang on
    A PGPD stopped by the city yard to check on a cat being held there in a kennel.  The animal was dead.  The city animal control officer explained that the cat had been dehydrated when picked up, and seemed quite elderly.

    Cops just aren’t involved
    An officer was dispatched to check out an attempted theft at a clothing store.  The store manager explained that this was no theft at all, actually.  The situation involved a customer who had purchased some merchandise and was unhappy, then brought the merchandise back for repair, and now was unhappy with the repair.  The manager said that the situation was actually quite convoluted.  The officer explained that this sounded like a civic matter and should be taken up in small claims court.

    Everybody should be unhappy
    A fellow showed up for work and was advised that his girlfriend had telephoned earlier and left him a message.  The message indicated that she had been beaten by this boyfriend and that he had stolen her ring.  The fellow called to ask why she had left such a message.  The girlfriend denied involvement, even though her voice had been identified on the message tape.
    The fellow said that his girlfriend was suffering from terminal cancer, had just been released from a “mental health” check at CHOMP, and was depressed.  He theorized that she wanted attention.

    And whose hot tub was it?
    An officer responded to a trespassing complaint at an address on Pacific Grove Lane.  After investigating, the office discovered two individuals, one guy and one girl, enjoying a hot-tub experience behind a home.  The female half of the duo was under age.  She was escorted to the police station and her father contacted.  The office learned that his is not her first offense.

    Bad goes worse
    The subject was pulled over because she had been seen talking on her cell phone while driving.  A records check showed that her license had been suspended.  From there, bad went to worse.  She was wanted on the basis of an unpaid traffic offense.

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