• Baseball: Breakers repeat championship… and set a record

    Pacific Grove High School Breakers repeated their championship season of last year, beating  the Menlo Knights 10-4 on Saturday, May 25. And they did it as part of a no-loss streak, setting a record for the Central Coast Section. Parents watching the game at San Jose Municipal Stadium provided fans at home with running commentary on Facebook and great pictures of the action.

    photos by Michelle Boatman

    photos by Janice Russo

    Way to tell an epic tale, Breakers!

    by Kellen Gibbs

    There are stories you only hear in books and movies about the epic tale of the undefeated sports team. Last Saturday the Pacific Grove Breakers turned those stories into reality, winning the CCS Championship and finishing 31 games with no losses.  At the beginning of the game, Menlo scored an early two runs in the top of the first and quickly took the lead. It didn’t take long for Pacific Grove to respond. Cycling through the lineup, the Breakers scored six runs in the bottom of the first and took the lead away from Menlo. As the game continued and quickly reached  the bottom of the sixth inning,  the shouts of excited fans echoed through the stadium as Pacific Grove came up to bat, with the score now 7-2.

    Looking around the stadium, it was a spectacle unlike any other. The crowd was lined with fans in red and gold screaming and cheering for their Breakers. They began to stand on their feet and cheer as Kyle Czaplak, starting shortstop last year for the Breakers, came up to bat. Recovering from last year’s hip injury, Czaplak stepped into the box for the first time this year and in one of the most nail biting at-bats, took the base after ball four. It was that at-bat that set the team to hammer the nails in the coffin; the Breakers extended their lead to a dominating score of 10 to 2.

    Menlo came out in the top of the seventh inning for their last attempt at catching the Breakers. Putting  in  a valiant attempt and scoring two more runs, it seemed the Knights just couldn’t catch up to Pacific Grove’s staggering lead. The game finally came to a close with thunderous applause as Pacific Grove’s first baseman, Conyal Cody recovered a ground ball and tagged his bag for the final out. The Pacific Grove Varsity Baseball team made history and gave us all something to remember. Congratulations Breakers, way to make us proud!

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 31, 2013

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