• Bidders’ Conference: ‘The Room was Packed!’

    An enthusiastic Pacific Grove City Manager Tom Frutchey reports that the bidders’ conference for potential proposals to manage the city’s beautiful asset, Pacific Grove Golf Links, brought a full house to hear requirements and ask questions of staff and committee members. “The room was packed!” he said.

    Included in the potential bidders is a group of current employees who are working with a consultant to put forth a package for the judging panel to hear after the deadline of Dec. 16 is met. The City had offered to fund such a consultant to help employees with the process.

    When bids are in, they will be filtered through two panels, which will consist of GLAC (citizens’ committee) members, staff, and others, including experts in the field. The top few will be brought to the City Council for review at the second meeting in January, the 22nd.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 6, 2013

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