by Jane Roland

                We see them all of the time, the large black birds that have taken over the Monterey Peninsula.  There are a number that reside near our house and make their presence known.    They hang off the feeders, competing with the squirrels, jays and woodpeckers that seem oblivious to the fact that the seeds are not intended for them but for finches and other little avian fellows.   As the dogs walk by Othello and his friends attack, not quite pecking but alarming their target.  I thoroughly enjoy watching the fellows; they preen, screech and let us know they are here and here to stay.

                There has been speculation as to what they are. Rooks, Blackbirds, Crows and Ravens are often confused with each other.  They are actually four distinct birds,

    Crows, Ravens and Rooks are all Corvids, whereas the Blackbird is a member of the Thrush family.   They all have different voices, and if you are so inclined, you can go on line and hear the difference.  I have no idea with what species we are dealing and I am sure someone will let me know.  They are large, black, noisy and omni-present.   The Raven haunted many of Poe’s works, no one will forget “Quoth the raven “Nevermore”. Blackbirds were a subject of many famous songs and poems and Native Americans took the name to designate  honor and strength…

                None the less, whether they are Ravens, Blackbirds or large Crows, they are all over the place and the subject of many artistic works.  As I look out the window of our home office, I see them hopping along the fence.  There haven’t been as many of late, perhaps they are seasonal, or have left for a summer vacation.  I am not a bird watcher per se, but I enjoy watching birds and their antics.

    Genevieve Smith

    jane blackbird2 jane blackbird1

    The lark’s is a clarion call,
    And the blackbird plays but a boxwood flute,
    But I love him best of all.

    William Ernest Henley

    Enough about birds.  We need to talk about dogs and Fiesta Del Perro, a celebration of dogs to be held on September 28 at Robert Down School by Pacific Grove Rotary Club.  It is a “fun” dog show with entertainment, food, competitions (cutest, funniest, fattest, look alike owner, fastest, loudest, etc) judged by local stars.   Lots of food, good music with The Wharf Rats, clowns, face painting and more..   Everyone is welcome and, should you wish to sponsor, have a booth, or present a demonstration, let me know, we want the world to know that Pacific Grove loves dogs and welcomes them.   Will Bullas, President of the Carmel Art Association and famous international artist, is an honorary member of our club, active on the Fiesta Committee and judge of children’s art competition and “fun” dog judging contest. (a disclaimer – I have long loathed the use of the word fun as an adjective, but it is now accepted and, often, is a good descriptive noun.)

    “You have a chance to own the framed original artwork by Will Bullas created for this year’s Fiesta Del Perro poster for the mere cost of a $5.00 GRAND RAFFLE ticket (or five for $20.00)! Proceeds to benefit activities of Pacific Grove Rotary, Animal Friends Rescue Project and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.”

    jane dog3


    There will be opportunities to obtain a signed poster.  The original art work is devoid of all printing other than DOG SHOW.  Tickets may be purchased at The Animal Friends Rescue Project Treasure Shop where the painting may be viewed currently before moving around town.

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