• Blue Marble

    by Ozzy Demir

    You! Yes you, the blue marble
    Why are you so corrupted?
    Why are flowers dying within you?
    What made you so wild, so blood thirsty?
    At the end you always liquidate all of us anyway
    You! The blue marble
    On you we are all different but the same
    From top to bottom, all around
    Why aren’t we accepting this?
    Yes you! The wicked, corrupted, unlucky blue marble
    But there IS good in you
    Where the flowers meet with green grass
    Where the sunshine warms your aged skin
    Where water flows through your land
    Shall we perish blue marble?
    Shall we?
    Perhaps you know a way to circumvent
    The disasters and wars and much, much more
    Still you live and breathe like a veteran
    That gives us hope
    Inside the colored swirls
    That fascinate the children peering into your blueness

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 4, 2011

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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