• Breaker of the Week: Lexi Rohrer Continues the Tradition

    lexi webLexi is a junior at PGHS who was recently rewarded for her journalistic prowess.

    Rohrer placed second in the Lyceum of Monterey’s mock trial journalism competition. Lexi wrote a summary of the case for this year’s competition — People vs. Hayes — and described the events that transpired in the courtroom. For her achievement, Lexi will continue on to the state competition in Sacramento.

    In addition to her writing skills, Lexi also runs cross country and track.

    Read the article she wrote for Mock Trial online at http://pgnewsbreaker.com/2331/showcase/guilty-innocent-reporter-lexi-rohrer-tells-all-and-wins-big-for-it/


    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 3, 2016

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