• Brokaw Hall to come down: Is that your final answer?

    No one was happy about it, but after a site review and testimony from a number of experts at the site review meeting May 31, the Pacific Grove City Council voted 5-2 to demolish Brokaw Hall, the unremarkable building in the Butterfly Sanctuary which has been under a demolition order for a couple of months now. The building had won a reprieve and an extension, but in the end they chose “Option 3” of five presented, which also happened to be the last expensive.
    “It’s a money pit,” said Council Member Dan Miller, who wound up voting with Mayor Garcia in the minority.
    “Face it, it’s ugly and poorly built, even the chimneys,” said Council member Robert Huitt. He pointed out that if it were to be preserved, as some suggested, to make it ADA compliant would require a complete overhaul and redesign of the entire sanctuary.
    A last-minute objection on the basis of needing a CEQA , brought up by David Dilworth, was struck down by City Attorney David Laredo: There was no challenge in the allotted 35 days from the CEQA exemption notice, so the demolition order stands, he said.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 1, 2011

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