• Bruiser the Pig Has to Move

    pigPer the Administrative Hearing Officer’s decision: Bruiser has to move outside Pacific Grove, and his owners, the Hanes, have to properly dispose of all poop at the property and give written proof to the City, all within 30 days. Penalties: $50/day for each day the pig remains after 30 days from July 21, 206. Hanes have to pay admin costs of $467.50 to the City on or before August 20, 2016.
    Appeal is possible as is judicial review.

    Findings: The City classified Respondents’ pig as a pet, not requiring a special permit. In September of 2014, Complainants called police to complain about offensive odor of feces coming from Respondents’ yard and to ask about what they could do.  Offensive odor of feces and flies recur in Respondents’ yard. Respondents have allowed accumulation of feces to occur in their yard in a manner that creates a nuisance.  Respondents’ travel out of town for several days at a time, leaving their animals at home. Respondents were aware of odor complaints before issuance of the Order. Respondents were aware of their obligations under PGMC §10.08.050 before issuance of the Order. Respondents were informed of possible methods of abating the nuisance on more than one occasion. Respondents improperly disposed of animal waste in their yard waste bin.  There is no direct evidence addressing how Respondents’ animal waste might become a danger to the environment in accordance with PGMC §9.16.110, waste disposal prohibition.



    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 22, 2016

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