• Burglar Left Cigarette Butt Behind: Caught, Tried and Found Guilty

    A 33-year-old Pacific Grove resident, Daniel Edward Jeske, was found guilty by a jury of residential burglary of a home in Monterey. The crime was committed in 2012.

    On March 20, 2012, the homeowners and their children left the house early in the morning for work and school. Afterwards, Jeske entered through an unlocked backdoor and rifled through the residence, taking jewelry, electronics, lap top computers and other items of sentimental value. Jeske then left the residence undetected. 

    Shortly thereafter, the family’s housekeeper arrived and found the house ransacked and called the police. Monterey Police investigated and found a cigarette butt in the home apparently left by the burglar. Police canvassed the neighborhood but were unable to find any witnesses to the crime and identified no suspects at that time. The cigarette butt was sent to the Department of Justice for DNA analysis which resulted in a match to Jeske’s DNA profile, that was stored in the CAL-DNA bank. When officers subsequently searched Jeske’s residence, they recovered a jade pendant that the homeowner identified as gift from her grandmother.

    Jeske has multiple felony prior convictions for theft related offenses. He faces up to seven years in the State Prison and will be sentenced by the Honorable Carrie M. Panetta.

    Detectives Bill Clark and Jason Newby of the Monterey Police Department investigated the case.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 2, 2014

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