• Carmel Asks Cal-Am for full Report on its Pipeline System in Carmel

    The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea is asking California American Water Company for a comprehensive report on its operations within city boundaries.

    City Administrator Doug Schmitz, in a letter to the utility, wants Cal-Am to report on the age and condition of its entire pipeline system as well as any plans Cal-Am may have for improvement to its pipes and hydrants.

    Schmitz said that given the background of last March’s PG&E gas explosion in Carmel the city “is undertaking at this time a review of the condition, age and planning of the water system within our jurisdiction. Information from other utilities will be requested in the future.”

    Schmitz also wants Cal-Am to inform the city when it performed its most recent comprehensive pipes inspections in Carmel and what that revealed.

    Independent of the letter, Schmitz said, “With water such a precious resource on the Peninsula, the City wants to be assured that every effort is being made to prevent leakage from existing pipes, many of which are quite aged. We also want to coordinate our street paving efforts with the various utilities to assure that the City does not repave a road and have a utility come through afterwards and cut open the new pavement.”

    The letter also asks Cal-Am for:

    • Its schedule and timing for repairs or replacements of any pipelines within Carmel and if this work will be funded from rates already approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.
    • The condition of all fire hydrants within the City, which of those are on a replacement schedule and when they will be replaced, the number of hydrants within Carmel and how many are not working.
    • The schedule for repairing or replacing any inoperative hydrants.

    The letter was sent in late January. Carmel-by-the-Sea has not yet received a response, but Schmitz noted in his letter that the city is asking for “a significant amount of information.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 5, 2015

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