• Carmel Firehouse gets $5,871 grant

    Residents of Carmel will be safer thanks to a $5,871 grant to the Carmel Fire Department, Station 5 awarded by Monterey Insurance Agencies and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. The grant funds communications, firefighting, water rescue and lighting equipment.

    Specifically, the fire department is purchasing: (1) mobile radios and related equipment to allow firefighters to better communicate on the scene of an emergency, which will aid in rescuing victims and help keep firefighters safe; (2) a high rise nozzle used to effectively respond to high-rise incidents such as a hotel fire; (3) personal floatation devices to enable firefighters to effectively respond to the numerous beach and coastal incidents; and (4) LED box lights for use in low-light conditions.

    “We are very thankful for the support from Monterey Insurance Agencies and Fireman’s Fund,” said Fire Chief Andrew Miller. “Firefighters face an ever-growing number of hazards on a daily basis. This equipment will help us eliminate some of those controllable dangers, by keeping our firefighters healthy and our equipment in working order.”

    Carmel Fire Department officials, firefighters, and executives from Monterey Insurance Agencies and Fireman’s Fund will together on March 13 at 1:30 p.m. for a special public event where the grant will be presented. The presentation will be held at the firehouse on 6th Ave. between Mission and San Carlos Streets in Carmel.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 11, 2013

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