• Carmel Will Experiment with Median Lighting After Many Years Without It

    The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea on Friday (November 21) will begin displaying various types of lighting on the Ocean Avenue median in an experiment to determine which lighting concepts work best and which are most preferred by local residents and businesspeople.

    The experiment is anticipated to run about 2 ½ weeks. Following the showcasing of these various concepts, and after listening to community input at a future public workshop, the City intends to begin the development of a refined lighting design for the median.

    Included among the types of lighting are the existing mini-lights, differing intensity and different color mini-lights, enhanced landscape uplights and downlights, lighting projected on trees, and gas lamp lights that create a lantern effect.

    There has been median lighting on Ocean Avenue for many years.

    The City Council discussed median and holiday lighting in April and suggested that several different lighting treatments on the Ocean Avenue median be displayed for additional community input.

    A Planning Commission subcommittee was convened in July and held an initial public workshop in September to solicit additional input from the community on the variety of median lighting treatments to be showcased. At that workshop, six different treatments were identified, and a target date for the lighting experiment was set for this month.

    Subcommittee members Jan Reimers and Michael LePage along with city staff and support from community volunteers Jim Griffith and Meredith Nole have developed several different design concepts and secured the necessary equipment to display them.

    The subcommittee also determined that the different lighting treatments could be displayed concurrently, without the need to have two different phases.

    The display is likely to run until December 9. The different lighting treatments will be showcased along a three-block segment of Ocean Avenue between Mission and Lincoln streets.

    A second public workshop will be held for feedback on the different lighting concepts and development of recommendations for further consideration and action by the City.

    That workshop is tentatively scheduled for 5 p.m. on Monday, December 8. It will include a site tour of the median lights prior to convening in City Hall.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 20, 2014

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    One Response to “Carmel Will Experiment with Median Lighting After Many Years Without It”

    1. Sphereofinfluence Says:
      November 26th, 2014 at 8:47 pm

      I was lucky enough to go down to Carmel this evening for a date with my husband, but was appalled and embarrassed by the median lighting “options” that were displayed. I wasn’t even looking to critique them, but compared to the lovely jellyfish-esque lights in Pacific Grove this time of year and even the gorgeous lighting of our city’s own Cypress Inn, the median lighting was a cheesy joke. There was one tree with off white and bright white lights, looking like a confused Charlie Brown tree; there was a rotating disc of LED red and green lights on another tree; and the least classy of the displays was a SINGLE GREEN AND RED LIGHT. Although we only live in the “Sphere of Influence” (not in the Golden Rectangle) and I would say, abutting the freeway as we do, that we are–by far–one of the least well-off Carmel families, I am pretty sure my two elementary-aged children could have picked a more classy display, especially when everyone and their dog (literally) is visiting Carmel for the Thanksgiving holiday. Could we not choose to have this embarrassing light display during a less-populated time of year, and perhaps on a LESS POPULATED STREET? Maybe the city council has been working on more important matters (one can only hope) like planning a fitting response to the pending lawsuit from the widow of our late and unnecessarily sullied Steve McInchak. For that, I and many other Golden Rectangulars and Sphere of (non)Influencers would understand this light blight; but I fear that it’s a simple lack of class and a poor sense of timing. I’d rather stage a Ferguson protest in our town and put words to better use than to have to write in about these ridiculous lights. PLEASE, just turn the errant LED and disco ones off–the little tea lights, although not at all on par with PG’s lovely jelly fish, are at least not offensive.


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