• Carmel’s Director of Public Safety Named Interim City Administrator

    Doug Schmitz, City Administrator of Carmel-by-the-Sea, announced his resignation on Saturday, October 31, citing health issues and other personal matters. The resignation took effect immediately.

    Mike Calhoun, the city’s Director of Public Safety, was unanimously named interim City Administrator by the City Council during a special council meeting Monday afternoon. He will also keep his current position, which he was named to in August 2012.

    In a letter to Mayor Jason Burnett, Schmitz, who had come out of retirement and returned as City Administrator 13 months ago, said, “As we have discussed, I have been under the care of physician over the past month in regard to stress, brought on by both professional and personal/family factors. Yesterday [October 30), my physician strongly told me I needed to make significant changes.”

    Mayor Jason Burnett, reflecting on Schmitz’ tenure, said:

    “Thirteen months ago Doug was in retirement living in Oregon when we called and asked if he would return to serve Carmel-by-the-Sea. He made a personal sacrifice to help the village of Carmel-by-the-Sea — a community he loves and knows well — and each day he was here was a benefit to all of us. He leaves the organization in much better shape than he found it and for that we are eternally grateful. We wish him the very best as returns to retirement.”

    The mayor said that he “appreciated that Director of Public Safety Calhoun is willing to step forward and serve this community in this new role. He has dedicated most of his life to serving Carmel-by-the-Sea.”

    At Monday’s City Council meeting Vice-Mayor Ken Talmage called Schmitz “a consummate professional and a joy to work with. He came to us on one day’s notice and he left on one day’s notice. I wish him well.”

    Former Council Member Barbara Livingston, addressing the council Monday, thanked Schmitz for coming out of retirement to take the position. She said this is “difficult for all of us and very emotional.”

    Schmitz was not present at Monday’s City Council meeting.

    In his letter of resignation, Schmitz thanked city employees, saying, “Last year I asked them to put aside the past and to move forward with me. They responded and answered that call without hesitation.”

    Schmitz also said, “To the City Council, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation for your support the past thirteen months. It has been a pleasure working with you in pursuit of the common goal of making Carmel-by-the-Sea even better.”

    Mayor Burnett, in a letter to city employees on Sunday, said that when Schmitz came on board, he “immediately set to work with all of you to rebuild and strengthen the organization. We are fortunate that you collectively have made much progress over the past 13 months and we are therefore in much better shape to make this transition.”

    The mayor also thanked city employees “for your service to our community. I am confident that together we will continue to address the needs and challenges of our village.”

    The City Council voted 4-0 to name Calhoun interim City Administrator. The votes were cast by Mayor Burnett, Vice-Mayor Ken Talmage and Council Members Carrie Theis and Steve Dallas. Council Member Victoria Beach was absent. The mayor said she had a prior meeting commitment.

    Calhoun, 54, who grew up in Pacific Grove, has worked for Carmel-by-the-Sea since 1984, when he became a patrol officer. He steadily advanced to field training officer, detective, sergeant, commander, interim police chief and Director of Public Safety. He also worked for about 10 months as administrative services director under Schmitz. Calhoun has a degree in business administration from Golden Gate University. He and his wife, Teres, make their home in Marina and have two grown daughters, Christina and Kendra.

    “This city has always been here for me, and I always made it my responsibility to be here for this city,” Calhoun said. “I have always been a part of this community and it has made me a part of theirs.”

    Schmitz noted that he was stepping down on the 99th anniversary “of this beautiful village.”

    He concluded his letter by saying, “At an event at the La Playa in the 1950’s, local writer Tal Josselyn stated that ‘only through eternal vigilance could the beauty (of Carmel) be saved.’ I hope that over the past year I have done my part to fulfill Josselyn’s proclamation.”

    Schmitz had previously as Carmel’s City Administrator, 1983-1992. He came out of retirement to return to the position. He was also city manager of Lake Oswego, OR, 1992-2007, and city manager of Los Altos, CA, 2007-2012.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 2, 2015

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