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    The new Portland Loo in Downtown Monterey will provide the community a clean, safe, and environmentally-friendly restroom facility.PortlandLoo
    The City of Monterey recently installed a new restroom facility at the Simoneau Plaza transit center, in the heart of Downtown Monterey. The Portland Loo, named after the City in which it was originally manufactured, is cleverly designed with many innovative features that offer privacy and security at a fraction of the cost of traditionally designed public restrooms.
    Monterey will soon remove the two portable restrooms located at Webster and Munras streets. Assistant City Manager Hans Uslar explains, “We can’t have Porta-Potties as a permanent solution, so we looked at a solution that was cost efficient and relatively fast to install.”
    The total project budget was $179,000. The self-contained unit can be relocated when the Plaza is redesigned in conformance with the Downtown Specific Plan.
    Portland Loos are simple, sturdy flush toilets. The Loo is free to the public, currently open from 6 am to 10 pm, as well as ADA-accessible so a bicycle or stroller easily fits inside. While the top horizontal louvers and bottom angled louvers offer a well-ventilated interior with complete visual privacy, they also hinder them being used as a place to hide criminal activity like drug use – allowing Police to look at the floor for more than one pair of feet.
    Constructed with durable stainless steel fixtures that resist misuse and ensure years of life, the Loo also includes a graffiti-resistant coating on all interior and exterior surfaces. It is the first Portland Loo in California to be specially color-coded to meet the request of the Architectural Review Committee. In addition, the Portland Loo is lighted by LED fixtures. An exterior hand washing station is available to pedestrians.
    Old Monterey Business Association (OMBA) Executive Director Rick Johnson said, “OMBA is very pleased with this new facility. It is one more way that the City and OMBA are working together to meet the needs of our downtown guests.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 20, 2015

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