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    25th Anniversary Monterey County Artists Studio Tour 2014 Sept. 27-28 from 11 AM till 5 PM.

    Kick Off Gala Sept. 26, 7-9 PM at Pacific Grove Art Center

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    Open Studio set for Sept. 27 and 28

    Chinese acrobats bring their art to CSUMB

    World Theater season opens with Sept. 17 performance

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    Lecture: The Nature Study Movement in Pacific Grove c. 1875

    On Thursday, February 6, at 6:00 p.m., Don Kohrs will share his recent findings associated with summer gatherings of the Chautauqua Assemblies in Pacific Grove and the strong emphasis the founders of the assembly placed on the instruction of the natural sciences, romantic literature, and the arts. In addition, he will speak to the organizing of Chautauqua Circles throughout the State of California, and how these Chautauqua reading circles seeded the establishing of the California Federation of Women’s Club; a federation whose political efforts would be directed towards the protection and preservation of nature. Read more…»

    MPC Theater Works on 20 Percent Budget: Announces Spring Schedule

    Gary Bolen, longtime director of many productions at Monterey Peninsula College has announced that a “compromise proposal” has been reached with MPC administration to meet the need of the Board of Trustees to cut millions of dollars from the upcoming budget at the community college. Some 80 percent has been slashed from the theater department’s budget, meaning the loss of two employees and other curtailments. Read more…»

    Tickets on Sale for 15th Annual Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival

    Celebrate your inner and outer cowboy or cowgirl. The 15th Annual Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival and Cowboy Art & Western Marketplace at the Monterey Conference Center, One Portola Plaza in Downtown Monterey will be held from Fri. – Sun., Dec. 13-15.(www.montereycowboy.org).Tickets are now on sale.

    The Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival is a popular annual event for all ages. It celebrates Monterey’s contribution to our western heritage with cowboy poetry, music and a first class Cowboy Art & Western Marketplace. Read more…»

    Open letter to the PG community from Poet-in-Residence, Barbara Mossberg

    Dear Community,

    As we begin a New Year (to teachers/lifelong students, September is always New Year) I wanted to update you on our poetry life in our city so far and the thoughts of our Poetry Collective for moving forward.

    We have begun our series of Poetry in the Grove, scheduled for the first Saturday of every month in the Little House in Jewell Park (thank you, Don Mothershead and all of the City making this possible, and Marge Ann for the great publicity in Cedar Street Times, and Susie and Cathy and Karin for the leadership, and Mary and Karin for the library’s support and logistics). Read more…»

    Artists in Chautauqua seeks artists for Oct. 6 show

    11th Annual Artists in Chautauqua seeks artists

    SHOW: Sun., Oct. 6, 2013 10 am-4 pm Read more…»

    Poetry Salon Forming: First Event Aug. 3

    “We shall be a mighty kindness” from Rumi’s poem, “Zero Circle,” sets the tone for Poetry in the Grove: A Monthly Poetry Salon meeting Saturday, August 3, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, at the little house in Jewell Park. Read more…»

    Poetry Out Loud Results: Arwa Awan takes it again! (picture)

    For the second year in a row, Arwa Awan has taken County honors in Poetry Out Loud for her stirring recitations of first, “Becoming a Redwood” by Dana Gioia and secondly “The Legend” by Garrett Hongo. Read more…»

    Bill Minor’s Inherited Heart: Book Review

    “I grew up in a home where legends greeted one everywhere: on the walls…on book shelves…and in everyday speech…”
    – Bill Minor

    The Inherited Heart:
    An American Memoir
    By William Minor
    © 2012
    ISBN 978-1-935530-71-8
    Park Place Publications, Pacific Grove

    There’s an American proverb that claims, “A man who prides himself on his ancestry is like the potato—the best part is underground.”
    That’s probably the case for most of us, and gentle, unassuming, witty and self-effacing William Minor might claim it’s so for him, too. But if you’ve met him, or watched him perform, or read any of his prose or his poetry, you’d probably say the opposite is true of Bill. His ancestry, which he has the privilege of tracing back as far as the 1500s, all funnels down to the talented, generous writer, artist and jazz musician we know. He is the fruit of his family tree and the loving gardener of it at the same time. He says, “What a thrill, in the course of this project, to discover all of these relatives – distant or fairly close at hand – who were writers and left such remarkable accounts of their own lives! And to think that they, given the reciprocity of all things, are somehow part of me and I of them!” Read more…»

    Monterey Peninsula Choral Society

    The Monterey Peninsula Choral Society presents The Perfect Gift on Mother’s Day Weekend
    Golden Anniversary Celebration of Community Song
 at Sunset Center, Carmel
    With Gala Reception
    Saturday May 12, 5:30 – 7:30pm, 
Sunset Center Foyer, $85 per person
    Saturday Concert, May 12, 8pm • Sunday Concert, May 13, 3pm
    Cupcakes & Champagne reception following
    Concert Tickets $25 adults, $15 children under 16
Box office San Carlos Street at Ninth Avenue (in front of theater) 
Phone: 831-620-2048″
    Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM 
Saturday, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (2 hours before performances)
    Or purchase tickets online at www.sunsetcenter.org Read more…»

    PGHS’s Arwa Awan takes Poetry Out Loud at County

    Now it’s on to Sacramento for Pacific Grove’s fourth year running

    Arwa Awan took first prize at the county level of Poetry Out Loud with her dramatic recitations of Emily Dickinson’s It was not Death for I Stood Up and The Meaning of the Shovel by Martin Espada. Lyla Mahmoud, PGHS runner-up, recited Cartoon Physics by Nick Flynn.

    Runner-up in the County competition was Chloe Reimann of Santa Catalina, who recited Spring and Fall by Gerard Manley Hopkins and The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter by Ezra Pound. Santa Catalina’s runner-up was Mary Cho who recited Ecology by Jack Collom.

    Former Pacific Grove Poet-In-Residence Garland Thompson acted as emcee for the event. He told how, in 2007, he was driving down the highway near Spreckels and heard a broadcast on NPR about Poetry Out Loud. He was so amazed and excited that he pulled his car over and made the phone contacts that eventually brought the opportunity to Monterey County schools.

    Arwa will now go on to Sacramento to compete at the state level. Her three predecessors, Kylie Batlin (2009), Morgan Brown (2010) and Robert Marchand (2011) all went to the State level, and Brown and Marchand went on to the national level.

    Taylor Jones/Trudeau Publishing Interview on Andy Warhol and Popism

    Taylor Jones/Trudeau Publishing interviews the curator of the Monterey Museum of Art, Karen Cruz-Hendon, on the occasion of their display of the Andy Warhol show in February, 2012.

    Click here to listen to the interview

    Pretty Old the Movie is Pretty Wonderful

    By Marge Ann Jameson

    “So many people have so many stories,” says Walter Matteson, himself a teller of stories. “Verité documentaries often start out as one thing, and life happens. You’re constantly adjusting and developing as the story unfolds.”

    He is the director of a feature-length documentary film, “Pretty Old.” It’s about contestants in the Ms. Senior Sweetheart Pageant, held in Fall River, MA. He says it took him a little less than a year to find his characters and their stories.

    But Matteson doesn’t tell their stories. They do. They tell them through their actions at the 2008 pageant and their frank discussions with the camera, and thus with us. We see them donning their sequined evening gowns and their talent contest costumes, and we hear about their aspirations and the roadblocks life has put in front of them. We watch them from the day they arrive at the Hampton Inn where the event is centered, and we go backstage as they practice their dance routines and have their hair and make-up done. We learn about their motivations and their pasts . . . and we fall in love with them – and the pageant — much as Walter Matteson must have. That much is obvious as we watch the camera caress these adventuresome ladies strutting their stuff on the pageant stage.

    He concentrates on four of the 30 women, who range in age from 67 to 81, going to their homes which include the Virgin Islands, Houston, TX,  and St. Paul, MN and and following them through the days of the tournament.

    Phyllis lost her husband to Alzheimer’s and has had a heart attack. She speaks frankly about her relationship with her late husband, saying they were “married lovers,” and describes his final weeks, and how she climbed into his hospital bed to receive a heartfelt late kiss from him, on her arm.

    Francis has been diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer. She has faced it before, and continues to fight it, saying that she is not afraid of dying but worries about her 94-year old mother and her developmentally challenged son. She is a tap dancer.

    “You’ve got limits now, so what are you going to do?” one contestant asks. Tap dance, you want to answer. Don a Betty Boop costume and do a little boop-boop-e-do. Read more…»

    Local lady’s hip hop video goes viral: Find the link here

    We first gave Carol Kuzdenyi a shout-out in our June 11, 2010 issue when she got rave reviews for a concert ending the MPC spring semester. At the time, she was taking hip hop lessons at Shall We Dance, the dance studio which has since given up its spot above the liquor store on Lighthouse. She was just the other side of 60 years old. Read more…»

    Where I Call Home

    by Jade Hage

    Pacific Grove, deemed by some as the “Last Hometown,”

    Where I can wander through downtown,

    Running into everyone I know.


    Pacific Grove, where all of the students can

    Fondly recall elementary school music class with

    Ms. Sanfort;

    And where every student has had the experience

    Of Mr. Bell as their principal, and Ms. Anton’s

    Riveting exploration through world history.


    Pacific Grove, where the innate rivalry between

    The Otters and the Falcons can be noticed even

    At the high school;

    And where Breaker pride is thick in the air on

    Every spirit day, and at every athletic event.


    Pacific Grove, where the sweet aroma of kettle

    Corn wafts through the brisk April air at the

    lively Good Old Days celebration;

    Where the Feast of Lanterns and its Royal Court

    Are the highlight of the fog-blanketed summers;

    And where each kindergartener marches through

    Town dressed as a proud monarch butterfly in the

    Lively Butterfly Parade.


    Pacific Grove, the sweetest little town, where I call


    Jade Hage is a member of the PGHS Young Writers Club which submits its best poetry during the school year to grace the pages of Cedar Street Times. We thank all the students as we use Jade’s poem for our retrospective.

    Tillie Gort’s Art Opening and Book Signing

    Photographs, Artwork and Memorabilia of the 1960s and 70s

    Saturday, June 6, 2009, 3 to 6 pm, at Tillie Gort’s Café, 111 Central Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.

    Photographs by John McCleary, who will sign copies of his books, Monterey Peninsula People and The Hippie Dictionary. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine tasting will be provided by Tillie Gort¹s. Artwork and photographs by various artists of, and from, the 60s and 70s will also be displayed.

    Tillie Gort’s was one of the most popular coffee houses of the hippie counterculture. It is celebrating its 40th year of business and is the one of the oldest restaurants of its kind in the United States.

    John McCleary is a widely known photographer and author of the hippie counterculture. He was a cook at ‘Tillie’s’ in the early 1970s, a rock and roll photographer, a world traveler, and is the author of The Hippie Dictionary: A Cultural Encyclopedia of the 1960s and 1970s.

    “Tiny Treasures” Miniatures Show and fundraiser at PG Art Center

    One of our most popular events, the “Tiny Treasures” Miniatures Show is also a major fundraiser for the Art Center. Thanks to the generosity and support of local artists and donors, we have a wonderful collection of miniature artwork on display again this year. We have received donations in a variety of media, including acrylics, beads, ceramics, collage, crayon, cut paper, digital art, drypoint, encaustic, etchings, glass, gouache, graphite, hand-dyed silk, jade, jewelry, mixed media, monotype, needlework, oils, pastels, pen and ink, photography, stonecast, and watercolors.

    Donations have been received from Juanita Anderson, Robert Armstrong, Jo Dean Axline, Carolyn Berry, Carole Bestor, Joanne Bevilacqua, Meg Biddle, Beverly Borgman, Patricia Borgman, JoAnne Perrault Boulger, Al Brevard, Josie Anne Cameron, Fred Carvell, Clark Coleman, Alex Collier, Noriko Yoshikawa Constant, Debra K. Davalos, The Estate of Dianetha, Phyllis Donohue, Charlene Doran, Tom Dornbach, Michael Duffy, Renee G. Eaton, Sandra Eckhart, Gene Elmore, Edward Eyth, Mark Farina, Snick Farkas, Rene Flippo, Jane Flury, Caroline Gordon, Jacquelyn Haag, Julie Heilman, Mary Hill, Peter Hiller, David Hohmann, Art & Cindy Horning, Peggy Hutton, Rama P. Jama, Barbara Johnson, Cheryl Kampe, Anita Kaplan, Ruby Katayama, Michaela Kempton, Cleo Kent-Davy, Joann Kiehn, Mary Kay King, Carole Klein, Anne Kmetovic, Santoshi Lama, Jim Lambert, Francyne Laney, David Lazarony, Ed Leeper, Brooks Leffler, David Leonard, Jeanne W. Lilly, Laura Lockett, Janet K. Long, Karen Mahaney Low, Elaine Mackoff, Jim Maraccini, Rick McGarrity, Pat McKitrick, Alicia Meheen, George Menasco, Elizabeth Meyer, Barbara Monning, Steven F. Munsie, Delphie Myron-Russell, F Nguyen, Nancy Nix, Arlene Vonnegut Nolan, Barbara Norton, Helen Ogden, Demaris L. Olson, Claire Oppenhuizen, Marie O’Rielly, Andrew Passell, Corazon T. Patricio, Connie Pearlstein, Rita Pescatore, Michelle Pisciotta, Peter Plamondon, Marcia Poroy, Maria Prince, Nancy Raven, Cynthia Ricketts-Wasley, Marybeth Rinehart, Alice Geller Robertson, Paige Robertson, Gary Shallcross, Gloria Shaw, Yana Shevchenko, Peter Silzer, Rebekah Sisk, Susan T. Reith, Patricia Skinner, Tim Sloan, Lesley Anne Spowart, W. F. Stone, Jr., Colleen Sundquist, Pamela Takigawa, Gretchen Taylor, Sheila Tanguy Tracey, Julie Terflinger, Robin Way, Al Weber, Sally Weil, Laura Williams, Don Wobber, Fay Wu, Terrence Zito, Patricia Zobel, Helma Zeuge, and several Anonymous Donors.

    Each piece of art is displayed above a box, into which ticket holders may place raffle tickets. Ticket sales will begin at 7 pm on opening night, Friday, May 29, 2009, and will continue through the drawing at 7 pm on Wednesday evening, July 8th. Tickets are $3 each, or 10 for $25. This is a great opportunity to do some shopping for gifts or for a little something to adorn your own walls. Support the Art Center and have fun at the same time!

    Summer adult workshops at Pacific Grove Art Center

    Journal to the Self Workshop with Barbara Lazarony. Monday, June 1-July 6, 2009, 7-9 pm. $195 for Art Center Members, $225 for non-members. Find your authentic creative voice with paper, pen, and a desire to explore yourself, your life, and your relationships; all in a community of like-minded people. For beginning to experienced journal writers with 1-2+ years of experience. To register, contact Barbara Lazarony at 831-332-1553 or blaz18@yahoo.com.

    Elements of Abstract Painting for Adults with Dante Rondo. Three Sessions: Thursdays, June 2-25; July 2-30; and August 6-27, 6:30-9 pm. $60 for four classes. This class is devoted to individual exploration of process and inspiration in abstract painting. Strong emphasis on tonal range, color, and design. Paint, oils and/or acrylics on paper. Students should bring their own materials. To register, call Dante Rondo at 626-4259.

    Painting and Drawing for Teens ages 13-17  with Dante Rondo. Mondays, June 22-July 6, 2009, 10:30 am-1 pm. $45 for three classes. July 20-August 10, 2009, $60 for four classes. To register, call Dante Rondo at 626-4259.

    Plein Air Painting Out & About with Mark  Farina. Friday through  Sunday, June 26-28, 2009, 9 am – 4 pm. $350 per person (limit 8 students). Outdoor painting instruction at Elkhorn Slough, Moss Landing, and Marina  Dunes. Oil and watercolor demonstrations. Focus on fundamental painting  techniques. To register, call Mark Farina at 831-373-0886.

    Indoor  Still-Life  Workshop, Oil & Watercolor Demos, with Mark  Farina. Saturday and Sunday, August 1 and 2, 2009, 9 am – 4 pm.  $250 per student (12 max.) Location: Pacific Grove Art Center. Focus on  drawing and painting fundamentals. Oil and watercolor demonstrations each day.  Class limited to 8 students. To register, call Mark Farina at 831-373-0886. 

    Rebekah Griffin Greene’s work with I Cantori

    Rebekah Griffin Greene’s work to be performed  at I Cantori di Carmel Concert
    Rebekah Griffin Greene is a musician and composer based in New York, and an alumna of Monterey Peninsula schools and music programs. Her work for chorus, “Psalm 21,” will have its performance premiere with I Cantori di Carmel, at the chorale’s spring concert on May 2 and 3.

    Griffin Greene’s composition will share the program with works by Brahms, Mendelssohn, and William Zeitler, whose “Song of Amergin” Celtic cycle headlines the event. Read more…»

    Schools: Barbara Priest Wins Award

    Barbara Priest, Instrumental Music Director for Pacific Grove Middle School, has won the prestigious 2009 California Music Educator’s Association (CMEA) Outstanding Music Educator award for the Central Coast Section of the CMEA.  Fellow music teachers voted for their choice in the Central Coast Section. There are eight sections in California. Priest, shown above at a rehearsal of her beginning band class, will receive the award plaque at the Gala Awards Banquet at the CMEA State conference in Ontario this March.

    Priest is also the PGUSD Music Coordinator, CMEA-CCS Board President Elect, and the Pacific Grove Performing Arts Center Foundation Board and Facility Coordinator.

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